18 Oct 2019

2019 Diwali Gala Lights Up Dallas RKT Community

Radha Krishna Temple’s 2019 magnificent and well-organized annual Diwali Gala Dinner celebration lit up the Dallas area Indian community. The grandest celebration of the temple is not…

12 Sep 2019

Dazzling Classical Bollywood Dance Show Inspires the Dallas Indian Community

One of the biggest Indian dance performances in the DFW area, hit the stage on September 8th, and lit up the DFW area with its highly charged energy and unique choreography. Classic…

04 Sep 2019

Janmashtami Draws Great Multitude of Devotees to Radha Krishna Temple

The temple bells chiming, its premises overflowing with exuberant devotees dressed in traditional festive fineries, mellifluous voices singing devotional songs brimming with bhakti, aroma…

28 Aug 2019

2019 Krishna Janmashtami Fancy Dress Competition Brings Braj to Life in Dallas!

Radha Krishna Temple’s Fancy Dress Competition during the 2019 Krishna Janmashtami Celebrations brought the life and times of Shri Krishna to life in full vibrant color and animation in…

21 Aug 2019

Dallas Celebrates Krishna Janmashtami 2019 at Radha Krishna Temple

Celebrate Krishna Janmashtami with jubilance and great fervor at Radha Krishna Temple of Dallas! From August 23rd to August 25th devotees of Krishna will be flocking to the recently built…

06 Aug 2019

The 7 Secrets for Awakening Your Best Self – A Spiritual Metamorphosis

The 7 Secrets for Awakening Your Best Self – the weeklong yoga, meditation, and discourse program at the Radha Krishna Temple in Allen by H. H. Swami Mukundananda ji – was packed with hands…