25 Mar 2019

Radha Krishna Temple Hosts Spring 2019 Free Health Seminar Series

Making informed decisions about your health is critical for quality of life and longevity. In service to the community, Radha Krishna Temple located in Allen, Texas offers a series of free…

14 Feb 2019

Celebrating Love on Valentine’s Day

On this day of Valentine’s Day, how do we take time to celebrate  love?

First, we can joyously celebrate the highest form of love that Shri Radha Krishna embody – a pure…

11 Feb 2019

Saraswati Pooja at Radha Krishna Temple

Mother Saraswati, also known as Sārada (giver of essence), Vāgīsvari (goddess of speech), Mahāvidyā (knowledge supreme), and so on, represents the free flow of wisdom and consciousness.…

04 Feb 2019

Sanskriti 2019 Showcases Amazing Local Talent and Rich Indian Culture

FUSION OF LOCAL DFW TALENT & RICH INDIAN CULTURE Who says you need famous actors to attract a big crowd and create a sensation? Sanskriti 2019 demonstrated how tremendous and amazing…

04 Feb 2019

Allen Mayor Adds Personal Touch to Sanskriti 2019

Radha Krishna Temple expresses its appreciation to the City of Allen and warm-heartedly thanks Honorable Mayor Stephen Terrell for support of Sanskriti 2019, a fusion of local DFW area…

20 Jan 2019

The Joy of Taking time to Celebrate Lohri and Makar Sankranti Festivals

The winter solstice traditions of all areas of India nourish body, mind & soul with great food, joyful movement, and spiritual introspection.  Radha Krishna Temple’s celebrations in…