S.P.A.R.K is a student-run, non-profit youth leadership organization that is dedicated to developing the next generation of conscientious leaders. Live! Learn! And Change the World through Service!

Calling all High School Students with vision and ambition! Let your voice be heard—help create the youth experiences you would like to see at our community by joining the SPARK Organization (a non-profit organization) of the Radha Krishna Temple. Lead and inspire the members of the SPARK organization to develop positive impacts and involvement to our community. SPARK will comprise of highly selective teen members from across DFW area who make an impact, not just on themselves, but on the society by actively promoting social services to their peers, participate in creating and implementing youth programs. Opportunities for service hours will include attending SPARK meetings, completing community projects, as well as planning, promoting, and presenting teen programs in the temple.


It will help prepare youth for the real world, and will have exclusive access to tools and resources like :

  • Service projects: will allow you to build teamwork capabilities, hone project management aptitude, and make friends—all valuable life skills
  • Leadership development: motivation, and inspiration gained through your work in various programs sponsored by SPARK
  • President Volunteer Service Program: opportunity to get volunteer hours along with national recognition through presidential gratitude.
  • College admission: help through youth camps and talks by world leaders, and personalized recommendation letters along with a certificate of participation.

Students who accept membership and are inducted into the organization should be aware of the time and commitment involved with this honor and strive to be a member to make a positive impact in the society.

Annual membership fee of $50 (to cover t-shirt and other expenses). If you are interested in joining Spark as a member or in a leadership position, please contact Nalini Joshi at 972-415-9296.


  • Grade 9 to 12
  • Attend ALL monthly meetings (Nov 2022 to May 2023)
  • Be friendly, enjoy meeting new people, and have creative ideas
  • Be willing to participate in discussions and voice your opinions
  • Be willing to respect the opinions, tastes, privacy, and choices of others
  • Be willing to promote temple programs through word of mouth as well as on social media
  • Receive permission to participate from parent/guardian.
  • Multiple students from the same family who are applying will be considered independently.
  • Be willing to commit 2 hours per month of volunteer time (including meetings) and lead/run at least 2 service projects.


The 1st Sunday of every month during the academic school year at Radha Krishna Temple (time has to be confirmed after recruitment of the members). Attendance is mandatory.

Few of the Volunteer Event :

Diwali Dinner – Help run and organize the silent auction.
Sanskriti – January, help run the youth cultural extravaganza by JKYog’s Bal-Mukund & Youth Clubs.
Holi Fest – March, help in organizing and running of the color filled festival brought by Radha Krishna Temple
Yoga Fest – June, run and manage one aspect of the festival.
Earth Day – April, organize a community clean up
KAKE – Oversee and run the community project where old computers are refurbish & recycle and given to people in need.
Service projects – all year round. Collecting goods for troops, children in hospitals, natural disaster victims, food banks etc


In order to be considered for selection, students must fulfill these application requirements:

  • Complete the entire application form (google form).
  • Read all the information about the program and fill out the entire application and get all necessary signatures on the application.
  • Read the Responsibilities and Duties of SPARK Members and the Code of Conduct. Sign the Commitment Agreement and submit with your application. Applications without a signed commitment agreement will not be considered.
  • Give contact of one reference
  • Provide a resume including the specific impacts you made through your participation (format included)
  • Submit your completed application, resume, and commitment agreement form via google form listed below. NOTE: Only complete applications received will be considered.
  • SPARK advisors will review all applications and contact qualified applicants via email with further instructions. Keep an eye on your email, or you could miss out!
  • The membership fee of $50 has to paid by the first meeting in November, 2022 where leads for different programs will be selected or elected.

If you have any questions regarding SPARK, message Nalini Joshi at 972-415-9296.

Application form for returning members :
Application form for new members:


As a member, you are a representative of your community as well as the Radha Krishna temple (RKT). You will be selected because your ideas and hard work reflect the mission and goals of the organization. SPARK membership provides you an opportunity to create, plan, promote community service through RKT. The success of the program is affected by your performance of your responsibilities and duties of a SPARK member.


  • Regular attendance at meetings: you must sign in at each meeting in order to receive service hours. If you are unable to attend a meeting, you must notify the advisor Nalini Joshi before the meeting. Multiple absences may result in dismissal from the organization.
  • Be punctual. Make every effort to arrive at meetings on time. Notify the advisor if you are going to be late.
  • Participate fully, please put away all electronic devices.
  • Follow through with your commitments. If you sign up to help at an event you need to be there. If for some reason you are no longer able to keep your commitment, you must notify the advisor in advance so that your spot will be covered.
  • Email Communication: Meeting reminders, volunteer opportunities, and advisor communication are coordinated through email or Whatsapp. Members must have an active Whatsapp account and email on file with the advisors. You are expected to respond promptly (within 2 days) to the emails that require a response.


  • Regular Attendance at meetings
  • Contribute ideas to the group
  • Attend at least two SPARK involved events throughout the 2022-2023 year in addition to attending monthly meetings. It is understood that schedules, school, jobs, and families will not allow for participation in all events, but the willingness to attend is key
  • Members must attend programs that they helped to plan and create
  • Be an advocate: promote the SPARK programs throughout our community.

SPARK members may be dismissed from their position on the team for any of the following circumstances. SPARK advisors will make every effort to resolve situations in which dismissal might occur.

  • Multiple absences have occurred. After you have had more than one absence, it is up to the advisors to determine your status as a member. They will look at your attendance, participation and contributions to SPARK when making their decision.
  • No call/no show to a program or event you have agreed to help with.
  • Blatant disregard on a continued basis for the SPARK Code of Conduct.


As a SPARK member, your behavior reflects your peers and the RKT. You must conduct yourself in a manner that contributes to a sense of community among all members and foster an atmosphere of mutual respect. The members must abide by the following code of conduct.

  • Behavior at all times should be such that it respectful at all time.
  • Members must work as a team
  • Members will show respect for temple materials and property by taking care to leave meeting spaces neat and orderly
  • Members will stay on task during meetings
  • Members will listen to and follow instructions of the advisors.
  • Members will treat other members with respect and give everyone a chance to speak
  • Members must dress appropriately for all events
  • Members will be mindful of all patrons. Keep your voice at a reasonable level

Application form for returning members :
Application form for new members: