09 Jan 2019

Sanskriti 2019 – A Spectacular Cultural Extravaganza

Sanskriti, one of the super successful events of Radha Krishna Temple in Allen is back by popular demand! Last year, there was a strong line-up of participants of all ages. Over 200…

08 Jan 2019

Radha Krishna Temple Celebrates Makar Sankranti

We invite you to mark the beginning of one of the most auspicious time periods in Indian culture when astronomically the sun transits into Makar or Capricorn – the end of Surya’s…

31 Jul 2018

JKYog Spiritual Retreat and Family Camp 2018

To commemorate its first anniversary, Radha Krishna Temple hosted a spiritual retreat from July 4-11, 2018, in its own holy edifice located in the heart of the metroplex. The series of…

18 Jul 2018

Srimad Bhagavatham : A Doorway into the World of Krishna Bhakthi

Srimad Bhavat Mahapuran Katha at Radha Krishna Temple of Dallas is just 2 days away! There is a great sense of excitement among all the devotees!  In the age of Kali, it is said that Shree…

17 Jul 2018

Letter from Senator John Cornyn

Letter from Senator John Cornyn recognizing the 1 year anniversary of Radha Krishna Temple.

14 Jul 2018

Stories from Srimad Bhagavatham : Can the knower of all, be known?

The Bhagavat Mahapuran is a repository of knowledge. In the age of Kali, it is said that Lord Krishna has taken the form of the Srimad Bhagavatham to dispel all darkness and lead us towards…