28 Jan 2023

Best Moments of 2022 at RKT Dallas – Grace and Gratitude

The best moments of 2022 at RKT Dallas reflected the deep emotional and spiritual connect of devotees worldwide with the JKYog mission, the temple, and Swami Mukundananda

15 Jan 2023

Let Wagging Tongues Wag

Let's remain true to ourselves and don't get affected by what others think

06 Jan 2023

1-Year Adventure of a 13-Year Old with JKYog

A 13-year old girl describes her 1-year spiritual adventure with JKYog that transformed her life.

07 Nov 2022

Tulsi Vivah Story Celebrations with Swamiji

Tulsi Vivah Story Related by Swamiji, Ecstatic Haldi, Mehndi, Sangeet, Divine Tulsi Vivah on Nov 4-5 at Radha Krishna Temple of Dallas.

04 Nov 2022

Guided Breathing-Meditation

Welcome to a night of deep, restorative sleep as we unwind after a long day.

30 Oct 2022

Diwali Mahotsav Unites DFW Community

Diwali Mahotsav from Oct 21-25 united the DFW community in a glittering 5 Day Celebration. October 2022 was declared as Diwali Month by Allen City Mayor Ken Fulk. Swami Mukundananda's…