JKYog Spiritual Retreat & Hindu Family Camp-RKT

  • JKYog Spiritual Retreat & Hindu Family Camp -RKT

    JKYog Spiritual Retreat & Hindu family camp offers a golden opportunity to enable  families connect, bond, and learn to create a nurturing, immersive family environment to help each other grow in all realms of life achieve his /her God given potential.  For the third time in a row this year despite the unprecedented social distancing norms brought on by COVID-19 pandemic the Radha Krishna Temple of Dallas the headquarters of JKYog  is organizing  all virtual  Hindu Family Camp from August 4th to August 10th 7 a.m- 9 p.m  CST in the presence of  Swami Mukundananda ji!  Click HERE to register!


    JKYog Spiritual Retreat & Hindu Family Camp-  reasons to attend

    Repeat attendees of the  Hindu family camp at the Radha Krishna Temple eagerly await the return of the weeklong camp each summer coinciding  with the Independence Day weekend. There are many  reasons that  attracts new attendees every year to the family camp. The top five reasons are- 1) The Spiritual Retreat and Family Camp aims to provide quality family time anchored in personal and  spiritual growth and is filled with fun and relaxation for every member of the family irrespective of their age. 2) It provides the much-needed rejuvenation and inspiration. The  calming meditations sessions at the family  camp provides the much-needed rejuvenation for the whole being and the enriching and engaging  lectures by Swamiji elevates the mind to feel inspired. 3) Collaborative group activities at the camp help deepen knowledge and also serve to be a self-revealing  experience that helps people to improve /change one's own outlook of others and help let go of stereotypes. the leisure activities at the camp help to improve family relationships. 4) Informal, stress free fun interactive group activities enhance the ability of the families to communicate, adapt and connect and collaborate like never  before. This also serves as a great opportunity to recognize fun aspects, knowledge qualities, and hidden talents of other family members paving the way for strengthening family relationships besides forming exhilarating memories that continue to inspire forever. 5) Family camp servers as an immersion program to soak in the divine wisdom, soulful kirtans and bhajans that  are geared towards beginning the healing process of the mind body and soul and stake your claim to inner happiness by letting  go of the hurt, disappointment, fears, self-doubts etc. All this and much more for adults alongside of which there are multitude of interesting and engaging activities for children including character building stories along with moral values, engaging personality development activities, entertaining mehfil and cultural events, shloka learning along with its meaning, wisdom from Hindu scriptures, value-based teaching . What can be a better way than attending the Family camp to provide the children a peek into their culture and instill the pride of one's culture in children? Attending th camp is is a wonderful opportunity also for the kids to learn the importance of teamwork that is so much needed to success in this world. At the camp interactive group activities requiring collaboration will help children to collaborate with others to learn team dynamics, be sensitive to others' needs, and learn to encourage othes’ efforts etc.

    JKYog Spiritual Retreat & Hindu Family Camp- Gems of Wisdom from Swamiji

    The most incredible reason for attending the JKYog Spiritual Retreat & Hindu family camp is to utilize  the rare opportunity to treat oneself to the spiritually elevating and mentally engaging gems of Vedic wisdom and mind management techniques directly from the global spiritual leader and an international authority on mind management Swami Mukundanandaji. This unique opportunity to imbibe gems of wisdom directly from Swamiji sets this spiritual retreat and family camp apart from other retreats and family camps in the same category.


    * पूँछेहु मोहि कि रहौं कहँ मैं पूँछत सकुचाउँ।
    जहँ होहु तहँ देहु कहि तुम्हहि देखावौं ठाउँ॥127

    The above couplet one of the conversations between Lord Shri Ram and sage Valmiki beautifully points to the omnipresence  of the invincible Lord Shri Ram. When Lord Ram asks sage Valmiki to suggest a place for him, Ma Sita and prince Lakshman to stay in Chitrakoot during his exile , Valmiki beseeches Lord Ram  to first tell him where Lord Shri Ram is not present before he can show a place for the 3 of them to live. Swamiji’s daily heartwarming explanations  of this encounter between Lord Shri Ram and sage Valmiki during the family camp is sure to soak the devotees in divine nectar and wisdom. An opportunity not be miised!!!!

    Contentment and peace of mind can only be achieved when the mind is free of stress, strife, and negatively charged thinking.” - Swami MukundanandaEvery day of the  weeklong  family camp attendees will learn the elements of living stress-free life by learning to live in the present and letting go of the past. It is great opportunity to learn the techniques to unleash the boundless potential of the mind to live an inspired and purposeful life.