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Basic breathing techniques for COVID-19


Doctor demonstrates breathing technique for coronavirus patients

A doctor at Queen’s hospital has demonstrated a breathing technique to help coronavirus patients with respiratory symptoms. Dr Sarfaraz Munshi initially recorded the video for his friends and family, but it went viral after being posted YouTube, reaching more than 3M views. The technique involves taking five deep breaths in, holding your breath each time for five seconds.



How to breathe if you have a respiratory infection like COVID-19

Allergist Jonathan Bayuk, MD, ACAAI member, discusses the importance of deep breathing and getting up and moving if you have a respiratory infection like COVID-19.



Wellness during COVID-19: Basic breathing techniques

We know that it can be hard to find the time and space to think about your own wellbeing during these challenging times. But it is important. If you're caring for someone else, please, take some time to care for you too. To help you do that, we asked an expert to give us simple, quick exercises that you can do anywhere.

Self-Proning Techniques


How to do Self Proning? | How to increase the oxygen level at home

Demonstrated live by Dr. Arvind Kumar, Founder Trustee, Lung Care Foundation, and Chairman, Institute of Chest Surgery, Medanta Hospital, Gurgaon.



Self-Proning: COVID-19 Breath Technique

Learn Self-Proning - a simple way to rest that can increase the oxygen saturation in your blood by 10% in 5 minutes. Used for treatment of COVID-19 in Intensive Care Units, this restorative yoga posture can also be done at home. We include advice from ICU Nurse and PYI Breath Coaching Course Instructor Elizabeth Gottschalk. Instruction here by Dana Slamp, C-IAYT, Founder of PYI.



How it Helps in Increasing OXYGEN level

What is prone position? Does it help in improving oxygen level?

Prone Positioning for the COVID-19 Patient By Dr.Arvind (Medanta)

Lung Exercises


Watch a message from Swami Mukundananda