Health Fair At Radha Krishna Temple Helps DFW Community Access Better Health

Radha Krishna Temple in Allen hosts health fair, June 2021

JKYog hosted expert physicians specializing in cardiology, internal medicine, gastroenterology, neurology and endocrinology for a free health fair at the Radha Krishna Temple of Dallas in conjunction with the International Festival of Yoga.  As members of the Texas Indo-American Physician Society (TIPS), the 5 doctors regularly donate their time to offer free medical consultations to the community.  The continuous flow of visitors kept the physicians for the entire duration of the recent clinic.

TIPS Doctors Serve the Community

Considering the ongoing needs of the community, the TIPS doctors in collaboration with Radha Krishna Temple are already planning to host a future health clinic in September 2021.  According to Sunil Verma, a Radha Krishna Temple volunteer involved in coordinating the health clinic, “late summer we plan to offer a health fair with much more extensive array of medical services including bloodwork and much more in addition to health consultations.”

“Each year TIPS doctors despite their busy schedules have generously provided their services to our community and we are extremely grateful for their donation of their time and services” noted Shreya Bhat, president of Radha Krishna Temple.

Dr. Vijay Sharma, MD, like most the TIPS physicians, has been offering his services to the underinsured and uninsured community in DFW faithfully for numerous years.  “I believe my work would be incomplete without actually giving back and helping those in need.  We are grateful for the opportunity to join hands with JKYog and Radha Krishna Temple to allow us to extend our reach further into the community. I am looking forward to the opportunity to conduct another free health fair there in the near future.”

Sometimes having an extra opinion and having access to expert medical advice at a critical time when a loved one is facing illness can be a difficult road to navigate.  “My mother-in-law developed some health complications after her arrival from India. The doctors at the clinic were so compassionate and caring. They helped us get some clarity and direction on the next steps to take,” shared Deepitha Srinivasan. 

Without access to affordable health care, most people postpone diagnosis and treatment until the situation is severe.  Community health fairs give people a chance to get a diagnosis, allowing countless people to take the first steps on the road to treatment, and ultimately hope for healing and recovery.  “It’s more the case that I would wait till I am in a lot of pain before I think to see a doctor.  I found it helpful to not have to wait for that point and get expert opinion now on how I am managing my own health” shared Vijay Sharma.  “My wife and I are juggling a lot here, helping to take care of my daughter’s newborn twins, and we have little opportunity to be sure we stay healthy ourselves.  This clinic was a real godsend!”

Reasons to Attend the Health Fair at RKT

The system of medical care in the US is fraught with complications and high costs.  Many older people in particular postpone getting proper medical attention when they don’t have the means to do so, attempting to manage their pain silently.  Doctors compassionately donating their time and resources gives people the opportunity to improve their quality of life, if not save their life. 

Inspired by the doctors’ generosity, many others in the community took time out to share the event with their friends, family, and beyond.  With a few months ahead to prepare for the next health fair at Radha Krishna Temple, expect the next health fair to be even bigger and better!

Would you like to volunteer for the next health fair?  Find out about the many ways you can contribute to the well-being of our community by contacting the temple today at [email protected] or call 469-795-9130.