Thoughts Can Heal

Thoughts Can Heal

Apr 11, 2022 | Source : The Times Group

We all take utmost care not to ingest poison in any form. Yet, at times, we do so unknowingly. It may be through the canned food we eat or the bottled water we drink. However, we remain oblivious of the large amounts of poison that pour in our blood and organs due to negative thoughts. Fear, hostility, envy and resentment — all these adversely affect the body. Thought poisons are subtle, but their consequences can be grave.
Excessive anxiety, for example, impedes the proper functioning of our digestive system. Likewise, grief saps the body of energy.
The Vedic scriptures give the reason for this. They explain that harbouring mental poisons disturbs the smooth and regular flow of pran, vital energy. The disturbance in pranic shakti disorganises the nadis, energy channels within the body. Some receive more than normal energy, while others get less, and this leads to disease.
Conversely, our health and well-being are enhanced when we feel joyous. Positive thoughts of love, hope and courage are the best vitamins we can offer to our body. They nourish our organs and rejuvenate our energy level. About 2,500 thoughts run through our mind every hour. Imagine their potential healing power, if they are joyous and optimistic. The idea behind the prayer is to train our mind to nurture compassionate and noble emotions.

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