A million reasons to be happy

A million reasons to be happy

Sep 25, 2021 | Source : DailyPioneer

H H Swami Mukundananda elaborates on the art of being positive every day by harnessing the power of the mind

Most of us can vouch for feeling liberated and happy as soon as Friday rolls around.  It brings with it the promise of an exciting and relaxing weekend that entices the mind.  Conversely, enthusiasm soon dwindles as Monday approaches with its weeklong pledge of dreary chores, work, and tedious commitments.  But why?  The answer is simple — people need the external circumstances to be the way they desire and in their control in order to be happy.  Else, misery, despair, and frustration take over their mind.

However, it doesn’t have to be this way – we can be happy every day of the week irrespective of the circumstances.  When our mind is controlled, it is our best friend, while an uncontrolled mind is our worst enemy.  If we wish to always feel happy and positive, we need to harness the power of the mind.  We must begin by improving the thoughts we harbour within the mind by learning the art of positive thinking.

Let us next look at effective techniques to always stay happy.

Assert positive thoughts

Positive thinking is the mental habit of harbouring happy thoughts and an optimistic attitude.  Positive thinkers are always cheerful and do not seek preconditions to be happy.  They are masters in the art of staying elated even when life challenges them with sufficient reasons to make them feel miserable.

One powerful method is to focus your mind on an opposite, positive thought if a negative thought is disturbing you.  For example, if thoughts of anger arise in the mind, think of love and patience; the positive thoughts don’t have to be towards the same person or object at whom you are angry.  The repeated practice of asserting positive thoughts will foster a positive state of mind. Read more...

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