Destiny not that descends from the heavens

Destiny is not something that descends from the heavens, nor is it in horoscopes

Feb 08, 2022 | Source : Business World

Swami Mukundananda answers the questions on Destiny

Q #1: What is the Law of Karma?
A: We get what we deserve, is God’s Law of Karma. Humans have the freedom to perform actions but results are not in our hands. The results are bestowed by the God, based on numerous factors—our efforts, destiny, the will of God, the efforts of others, the cumulative karmas of the people involved, the place, situation, etc.

Q #2: There is a famous statement, “Without the will of God, not even a leaf can move.” If God is the doer of everything, including our actions, then why does the Law of Karma exist?
A: If God were the doer of all our deeds, all of them would be perfect because He can never make a blunder. However, our innumerable mistakes implies that we are doing things of our own free will. If God were the doer, we would not have to bear any karmic reactions for our actions. God would either bear the karmic results on His own or forgive Himself.

The statement implies that God provides us the power to perform actions, and we use that power to perform actions through our free-will. In this way, we incur karmic reactions to our deeds determined by our discretionary use of free-will.

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