RK Temple Shikharas

Temple Shikharas Installed – Celebrating An Auspicious Milestone

Mar 06, 2017 | Source : Radha Krishna Temple

Yesterday, the shikhars were installed on the rooftop of the Radha Krishna Temple. Against the backdrop of the whitish cloudy sky, the white shikhars with their golden adornments appeared as if they arrived from the divine realm. The purity of the white decorated with gold decor gives you the sense that the deities have already descended to consecrate the temple.

In fact, the moment the large shikhar was hoisted and set into place, a brief strong shower of rain came down, as if all the heavenly deities were showering their blessings on this temple.

The largest shikhar sits over the location the inner sanctum where we will go for darshan of Shri Radha Krishna and is over 37 feet tall. Three (3) other smaller shikhars surround it.

Our hearts feel great anticipation and gratitude that we have reached this special auspicious milestone. We appreciate your support to help the temple move forward expeditiously to complete the remaining construction. Please visit Radha Krishna Temple website as we move forward now to installing the roof of the temple and completing the construction.

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