Radha Krishna Ratha Yatra


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Radha Krishna Rath Yatra

Join us for the most beautiful Shree Radha Krishna Ratha Yātrā!

  • The devotees will pull the chariot as they chant the Lord’s names and sing his glories.The ceremonial chariot procession will begin from the Radha Krishna Temple at 6:00 pm.
  • The Ratha Yātrā is a festival imbued with devotional sentiments for the Lord. What makes the Rath Yātrā so devotional and sweet? Read the Rath Yātrā Blog to know the significance.
  • Sing along and dance to the soul-stirring live kirtans, music, drums & cymbals through the Ratha Yātrā
  • Rejoice in the blissful dance-drama during the procession.


July 8th (Sat)
6:00 PM - 9:00 PM CDT



Radha Krishna Temple
1450 N Watters Rd, Allen TX 75013



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Sponsorship Opportunities

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Grand Sponsor $2,501
  • Simmy Chaplot
  • Manjari & Koustubh Warty
Mukhya Yajman $1,501  
Pramukh Yajman $1,001  
Yajman $551
  • Venkat Jhansi & Dhara, Kamini Pravin Aishani & Prajna Sah
Mahaprasad $301
  • Anonymous, Smitha M &  Ixel G
Shringaar for Radha Krishna $101
Fruits and Flowers $101  
Garland for Radha Krishna $51
  • Smitha M
Aarti & Archana $25
  • Latha Sampath
  • Brian Bisram
Gift Item $11  

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Sponsors for Shree Radha Krishna Ratha Yatra
Seva Options Sponsor Names
Grand Sponsor
Mukhya Yajman
Pramukh Yajman
Shringaar for Radha Krishna
Garland for Radha Krishna


Aarti & Archana
Gift Item


Annual Sponsors & Community Partners


Thank You for your continued and much-appreciated support to Radha Krishna Temple of Dallas. 
Contact the temple at (972) 527-6195 for additional information on becoming a sponsor.


Nanban Foundation
Priya Living
Discount Power
Patel Brothers
India Brothers


Community Partners

Durpiest Pop
Radio Carvan DFW


Food Sponsor




  • The Rath Yatra is a ceremonial chariot procession, imbued with devotional sentiments for the Lord. Devotees will pull the chariot as they chant the Lord’s names and sing his glories.
  • The Rath Yatra of Radha Krishna has been scheduled at the Radha Krishna Temple, (1450 North Watters Road, Allen, TX 75013).
  • The date of the Rath Yatra is July 8th, 2023.
  • Timing: 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM CDT.

The Highlights are:

  • Aarti and Pooja
  • Enlightening Lecture by Swami Mukundananda
  • Soul-stirring live Kirtans, with music, drums, and cymbals
  • Blissful dance-drama during the procession
  • Cultural Program
  • Mahaprasad
  • Sponsoring the Rath Yatra
  • Spreading the word about the event
  • Active participation in the event