RKT Weekly Satsang


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Weekly Satsang

(Every Sunday 10:30 am - 12:30 pm CST)

Join us every Sunday at 10:30 am CST (9 PM IST) at Radha Krishna Temple to relish the bliss of bhakti in person at Radha Krishna Temple or from your home using a computer or a mobile device. Let's propel ourselves in the ocean of bhakti through Sunday Satsang.


Prayer & Aarti

Prayer & Aarti








Joining Details

We encourage people to join the satsang in person at the temple to have the maximum benefit of an ideal environment which is full of bliss and devotion.

You can also participate online via our portal: Sunday Satsang Portal
If you are joining from your home, please choose a place with the least distractions and attend the program in its entirety.
Keep your microphone muted at all times except during Q&A or when requested by the meeting host.


Satsang Sevas

Celebrate the special days - anniversaries, birthdays, or any occasion with temple devotees. Following are the different ways you can participate in it. 

Sponsorship Opportunities

USA & All Other ($)

INR (Rs.)

Mahaprasad $301 Rs. 6,001
Flowers & Fruits $101 Rs. 2,001
Aarti $25 Rs. 501

Seva Opportunities - USD Seva Opportunities - INR

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Annual Sponsors & Community Partners

Thank You for your continued and much-appreciated support to Radha Krishna Temple of Dallas. 
Contact the temple at (469) 688-4996 for additional information on becoming a sponsor.