Tulsi Vivah Celebration

Tulsi Vivah Celebration

29 - 29
Nov 2020
10:30 am - 12:30 pm
Radha Krishna Temple 1450 N Watters Rd Allen, TX, 75013
  • Celebrate Tulsi Vivah 2020 at Radha Krishna Temple of Dallas

    Celebrate Tulsi Vivah 2020 at Radha Krishna Temple of Dallas

  • Glimpses of Past Tulsi Vivah Celebrations

    Glimpses of Past Tulsi Vivah Celebrations

  • Tulsi Vivah Celebrations

    The Radha Krishna Temple of Dallas brings to the Dallas Metropolitan Area and Worldwide - the Wedding of the year, Tulsi Vivah!


    When the supreme Lord descended on Earth in His all-inclusive form of Shree Krishna five thousand years ago, He made Himself easily accessible to all His devotees. Saints sing praises of His leelas (divine pastimes) that show His compassion and saulabhya (easiness of attainment.) Among those leelas, one of the prominent ones is the Tulsi Vivah.

    Tulsi Vivah is the ceremonial marriage of the Tulsi plant (holy basil), reverentially referred to as Vrinda Devi, to Lord Krishna. This ceremony is typically performed in the Holy Hindu month of Kartik in temples and houses to this day!

    Tulsi Vivah Celebration and wishes from Radha Krishna Temple of Dallas


    Padma Purān states:

    वृन्दा वृन्दावनी विश्वपूजिता विश्वपावनी।
    पुष्पसार नन्दिनी च तुलसी कृष्ण जीवनी।।

    Vndā Vndāvanī Viśvapūjitā Viśvapāvanī |
    Pupasāra Nandinī cha Tulsī Kṛṣṇa-jīvanī ||

    “Tulsi Devi, the incomparable form, never leaves Vrindāvan. The universe worships her, as she sanctifies the whole world. She is the essence of all flowers, and the life and soul of Shree Krishna.” One who worships Tulsi Devi, an eternal associate and devotee of Shree Krishna, will quickly attain devotion at Shree Krishna’s lotus feet. Therefore, do not miss this opportunity to be a part of the divine celebrations!

    Radha Krishna Temple of Dallas warmly welcomes you to this unique wedding!  

    Tulsi Vivah Highlights

    Ganesh Pooja during Tulsi Vivah at Radha Krishna Temple

    Ganesh Pooja

    Tulsi Maa and Krishna's Wedding celebration

    Welcoming Krishna

    Welcoming Krishna during Tulsi Vivah

    Krishna ji's Baarat

    Bring Tulsi Maa for wedding

    Welcoming Tulsi Maa

    Tulsi Maa and Krishna's Wedding celebration

    Tulsi Maa

    Krishna & Tulsi Maa's Poojan during wedding

    Krishna & Tulsi maa's Pooja & Wedding

    Tulsi Maa and Krishna's Wedding celebration

    Kanyadaan & Phere

    Tulsi Maa and Krishna's Wedding celebration




    Sunday, November 29 from 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM CST (10:00 PM - 12:00 PM IST)



    Celebrate Tulsi Vivah in the Dallas Metropolitan area and worldwide from the comfort of your home! Celebrations will be aired Live from the Radha Krishna Temple of Dallas. CLICK TO WATCH


    Seva Opportunities

    Seva Opportunities USD INDIA
    Sponsor for the Divine Wedding $5,001 Rs. 100,001
    Shree Krishna's Parents $2,501 Rs. 51,000
    Tulsi Maa's Parents $2,501 Rs. 51,000
    Tulsi Maa’s Gold Diamond Jewelery $1,501 Rs. 31,001
    Shree Krishna's Mameru $1,001 Rs. 21,000
    Tulsi Maa's Mameru $1,001 Rs. 21,000
    Gold Chain for Shree Krishna $751 Rs. 15,001
    Mangal Sutra for Tulsi Maa $501 Rs. 11,000
    Baraati's Bhojan & Mahaprasad $251 Rs. 5,001
    Flowers, Fruits & Sweets $151 Rs. 3,001
    Kanyadaan $101 Rs. 2,100
    Shree Krishna's Garland $75 Rs. 1,501
    Tulsi Maa's Garland $75 Rs. 1,501
    GoDaan/Cow's Donation $51 Rs. 1,001
    Aarti & Archana $25 Rs. 501

    For people in India, Click here for Seva Opportunities.

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