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September 2023

Welcome to the September 2023 issue!

Welcome to the September 2023 issue!



करउँ सदा तिन्ह कै रखवारी। जिमि बालक राखइ महतारी।।

karau sadā tinha kai rakhavārī jimi bālak rākhai mahatārī


“I take care of my devotees as a mother nurtures her child.”


From the Editor's Desk

Grace is all around us, as the Supreme Lord pervades all his creation. Our saints and scriptures have repeatedly emphasized: अन्तर्बहिश्च तत्सर्वं व्याप्य नारायणः स्थितः antar bahiś ca tat sarvaṁ vyāpya nārāyaṇaḥ sthitaḥ. “The all-pervasive Narayan exists in us and around us.”  Yet, we cannot perceive him or recognize his grace.

Hence, like a true mother, God descends to rescue us and envelope us with divine love and mercy. “That Mother of the Universe bestows divine grace and grants the transcendental knowledge by which the soul can know God," elucidates Swami Mukundananda ji.

Who, then, is our Divine Mother that manifests to bestow grace upon us, and how do we rest in her divine lap? Read this issue to know the answers to these questions.

Bhakti Ras
Seek Refuge in Our Divine Mother

The Supreme Lord has infinite energy. One of the most powerful of all is Yogmaya, his divine energy. Shree Krishna himself compassionately reveals that His Yogmaya is both formless and manifests into personal forms as our Divine Mother.

In the Dvapar Yug, after a hundred years of separation, Shree Krishna met Radha Rani and the gopis in Kurukshetra. In the height of her state of divine love, Radha Rani questioned Shree Krishna about the hundred-year estrangement, fainted, and stopped breathing. Assuming that Radha Rani had given up her life, the gopis (cowherdesses) fell to their knees in supplication and pleaded with Shree Krishna, “O Krishna, what have you done? Our Radha has left us. Kindly bring her back; otherwise, you have to bear with the blemish of killing her.”

In the Dvapar Yug, after a hundred years of separation, Shree Krishna met Radha Rani and the gopis in Kurukshetra. In the height of her state of divine love, Radha Rani questioning Shree Krishna about the hundred-year estrangement, fainted and stopped breathing. Assuming that Radha Rani has given up her life, the gopis (cowherdesses) fell to their knees in supplication and pleaded with Shree Krishna, “O Krishna, what have you done? Our Radha has left us. Kindly bring her back; otherwise, you have to bear with the blemish of killing her.”

On hearing their innocent plea, Shree Krishna revived Radha Rani with his loving glances. Consoling Radha Rani with a tender smile, he disclosed, “O dear, you are Radhika, the Divine Goddess of Golok and Gokul. You exist in Vaikunt as Mahalakshmi. You are the consort of Lord Kapil. You reside in Dwaraka as Rukmini. You manifested as Sita in the city of Mithila. The wife of the Pandavas, Draupadi, was like a manifestation of your shadow. It was you who was kidnapped by Ravan in the form of Sita, and you are the wife of Shree Ram.” Shree Krishna then assured Radha Rani:

नानारूपा यथा त्वं च छायया कलया सती।।

nānārūpā yathā tvam ch chāyayā kalayā satī

(Brahmavaivartak Puran)

“O chaste one, you appear in different forms in the universe, as I do.”

Therefore, we revere our Divine Mother of the Universe in all her forms as Radha Rani, Sita, Lakshmi, Parvati, Durga, or Kali. She emanates kindness, mercy, compassion, beauty, divine grace, and causeless love. Among these, the paramount quality – her divine grace – guides the soul in cultivating and regaining the relationship with our Eternal Father. Hence, her devotees earnestly entreat, Radhey Radhey, Shyam se milā de “O Radha, please bestow your grace and help me meet Shree Krishna.”

The Divine Mother Shelters Us from All Negativities

A mother’s lap is the safest sanctuary, especially in distress and peril. So, we must take refuge in our Divine Mother. To truly take refuge in her is to strive to serve her. Servitude is the natural/constitutional position of the soul. Unless we rest in our divine mother’s lap, we are bound to serve Maya life after life.

The soul, considering the body to be the self, energizes and enjoys bodily pleasures. Since the body is made of Maya, it seeks to enjoy the material energy, which is made of the three modes (guṇas) - goodness, passion, and ignorance.

Although the body, mind, and intellect perform all the activities, the soul identifies itself as the doer and the enjoyer due to its ego. The soul, therefore, accumulates the karmas of all activities that the body performs. These accumulated karmas from innumerable past lives cause re-births in superior or inferior wombs. Entangled in Maya, the soul remains deprived of the grace of the Divine Mother.

Nonetheless, the moment we turn toward our divine mother, she rescues us, just like an earthly mother protects her child. When we depend on our Divine Mother, worship her, and never take leave of devotion toward her, she shelters us from our inner enemies such as desire, anger, greed, pride, etc. We can worship her in any form we desire; however, Radha Rani is the loving form of the Divine Mother. Performing sweet leelas, she disseminates nectarous divine love.

Let’s Emulate Our Divine Mother

As her children, our ultimate goal is to attain selfless love and service for the Supreme Lord. And our mother, Radha Rani, is the quintessence of selfless devotion to Shree Krishna. She bound Shree Krishna with her pure and illuminating selfless love. Vedas proclaim that it is this kind of noble, self-sacrificing love, and devotion that enslaves Shree Krishna:

यस्यरेणुम् पादयोर्विश्व्भर्ता धरते मूर्धिनि रहसि प्रेमयुक्त: |
श्रस्तवेणु: कबरिम स्मरेद्यल्लीन: कृष्ण: कृतवत् तम नमाम: ||

Yasyarenum pādayōrvisvabhartā dharate mōrdhni rahasi premayuktaḥ |
Srasthavenuh kabarim smaredyallēnah Krishnaḥ kritavat tam namāmaḥ ||

(Adharva Veda - Shree Radha Tapani Upanishad , V 7)

"We pay our obeisance to the Supreme Radha Rani, whose feet dust the ruler of universes, the ardent devotee of divine love, Nandanandan, smears upon his head; in whose love, he forgets his divine splendors, and to whom he has given himself away."

Our Divine Mother is Hari-Priya or “beloved of the Lord” and is Karunā thrangitākshīm or “one whose eyes are filled with waves of mercy.” When we worship her, she mercifully bestows the devotional service of the Lord, which purifies our hearts. So, let’s call out to our Divine Mother with all our heart – Radhey, Radhey!

Bal-Mukund: Playground for Vedic Wisdom
A Mysterious Man Visits Shree Radha Rani

Shree Radha Rani, our eternal mother, had descended on earth with Shree Krishna to help us increase our devotional sentiments. One day when Shree Radha Rani was a child, she had gone to play with her friends in Barsana. A certain event occurred while playing, leaving her disturbed and startled. She went running to her mother and grabbed her mother’s attention by climbing on her lap and directing her face towards her. She then narrated the event to her.

Shree Radha Rani told her mother that a Sage, who was holding a musical instrument (veena), showed up while she was playing with her friends. He became alert seeing them and started looking directly at Shree Radha Rani only and no one else. Tears of joy started flowing from his eyes as he continued to look at her.

Then, he started taking circles around Shree Radha Rani saying “Radhey Radhey.” At the end of the 7th circle, Shree Radha Rani stepped back and the Sage took the dust from the spot where she had been standing and started eating it. Shree Radha Rani was unable to comprehend these occurrences. Her friend Lalita asked the Sage where he had come from. He laughed hysterically instead of answering the question and exited quickly from there as though someone was chasing him.

Shree Radha Rani’s mother realized that the person Radha Rani was describing was none other than the great Sage Narad. She attempted to explain who he was to Shree Radha Rani but did not persist as Shree Radha Rani was only determined to find out whether the Sage was mad or whether had had a disease that would explain such behavior.

This story is beautifully described by Jagadguru Shree Kripalu ji Maharaj in the pad-kirtan, “Kunvari kahati tutaraya maya te” (Sankirtan Sudha, p. 151).

Practical Wisdom
  • This event occurred when Shree Radha and Shree Krishna descended on earth. Shree Radha Rani descended as the caring and forgiving earthly mother. As we have turned our back on God, our devotion and surrender towards Radha, as her children, will take us back to God.
  • Sage Narad had tears of joy upon seeing Shree Radha Rani. He did not expect to see Shree Radha Rani. His tears were a result of the sentiment he felt for Shree Radha Rani.
  • Sage Narad recognized Shree Radha Rani but she could not comprehend his actions. In divine past times, Shree Radha Rani forgets that she is the soul of God to make the past time sweeter for the devotees. Likewise, devotees know but do not remember the divine personal power of God (i.e., Yogmaya). When necessary, the devotee is reminded. In this event, Sage Narada had the knowledge and grace to recognize Shree Radha Rani.
Youth Insights


This month we present insights from two youngsters who are affiliated with the Radha Krishna Temple’s youth activities.

Perspective 1: Embracing a Mother's Love

As teenagers, we often find ourselves caught in the whirlwind of our desires and aspirations. We are constantly seeking our own paths, chasing dreams and ambitions that often revolve around personal success and happiness. This self-seeking nature is a predictable part of our growth, teaching us to be independent and assertive individuals. However, self-seeking can cause us to drift away from God. Therefore, it is vital for youth to pause and reflect on the love that surrounds us, particularly the love of both our mothers and the Divine Mother.

Our mothers embody love that's incomparable, a love that mirrors the divine. It's love that's selfless, pure, and unconditional. A mother's love is like a gentle flame that lights the darkest corners of our lives, providing warmth, guidance, and boundless affection. As teenagers, acknowledging and appreciating this love can teach us profound lessons about compassion, sacrifice, and the true essence of a peaceful and fulfilled life. We may like to think about the Divine Mother’s love as exponentially more potent than our own mother, which will help us reach closer to God.

Growing up, we sometimes take our own mother's love for granted. We may not always understand the sacrifices she makes, the sleepless nights she endures, and the worries she carries to ensure our well-being. Recognizing and embracing the selflessness that comes with a mother's love will help us mature. The love of a mother can embody the essence of God's love. Learning this will help build a harmonious and spiritually fulfilling life.

Just like our own mother, God’s love is always there for us. God’s love is the strongest force in existence and never leaves us. It can give us ultimate comfort and support when we need it and if we allow it. The way a mother always cares for us and makes sacrifices for us, is just how God loves and cares for us (times a billion). Understanding and valuing the love we get from our mothers gives us a critical glimpse into the never-ending love from God. This reminds us to be kind, selfless, and love others in the same way, making our journey in life better and more meaningful.


Perspective 2: What Experiencing Selflessness Taught Me

With so many festivals in honor of the Divine Mother, it is a good time to reflect upon the significance of selfless love. As a teenager, even though I do not have a complete understanding of selfless love, I believe that it holds great importance in our everyday lives. Through my own encounters with what I think selfless love is, I hope to emphasize the role that it played in my life.

First, I want to say that selfless love doesn’t just mean “love” the way most people know it to be. It can also mean friendship without any expectations and just plain kindness. With all this in mind, I recall one experience when I was the recipient of selfless love. I was very young and my parents and I were traveling. My legs started to hurt and I couldn’t walk anymore. That’s when my dad carried me even though his hand was injured. Although I don't remember this incident very well, the pain and discomfort my father endured to ensure my comfort, epitomizes the spirit of selfless love that was an example for me.

Another time I was the recipient of selfless love was when I was in the school gym and I put too much weight on the bar and I couldn’t take it off. The coach said that I had to take off the weights and made me wait after class to take them out. Even though the coach only told me to take off the weights, my friends came in and helped me take them off. This act of kindness by my friends really showed the essence of friendship and maybe selfless love. It left a lasting impact on how I perceive relationships, emphasizing the importance of engaging in acts of kindness myself.

In conclusion, nurturing selfless love is an essential part of our existence that can impact our lives in a lasting way. The festival season serves as a reminder of the importance of embracing selflessness and compassion like our Divine Mother while getting rid of selfishness. Through personal experiences like the sacrifices made by my father and the support of my friends, I learned valuable lessons. I can firmly say that it teaches us the values of compassion, selflessness, and sacrifice, making us better people overall. Let’s reflect on these lessons and try to experience selfless love in our own lives.

Holistic Health Titbits
We Can See Divinity in Nature All Around Us
  • Through the splendor of mother nature, God nurtures us.
  • Try waking up with nature and beginning the day with a daily walk.
  • There are innumerable health benefits of walking outdoors in nature; it is good for the body, mind, and soul.
The Nature of Our Divine Mother

Our natural curiosity draws us to the world around us. We want to use our five senses to explore everything we encounter. Unfortunately, this curiosity wanes as we get older, and we become distracted by our hectic lives. We put more time and attention on what we deem as important (e.g., things like our indoor office jobs). Rekindling our connection to nature can restore calmness and focus in our lives, reset our priorities, and facilitate our spiritual growth.

We have learned through Swamiji’s teachings that the Divine Mother, Radha Rani, represents the highest aspects of love, devotion, compassion, patience, and admiration towards Shree Krishna. We can experience these same sentiments and realize the Grace that has been bestowed upon us if we consciously engage in the daily practice of immersion in nature. The Bhagavad Gita verse 10:8 says, “I am the origin of all creation. Everything proceeds from me. The wise who know this perfectly worship Me with great faith and devotion.” < /p>

The Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Benefits of Nature

One of the easiest ways to incorporate nature into our health routines is to take a walk in nature. Some of the physical benefits of walking are burning calories, lowering blood sugar, improving heart health, boosting immunity, and easing joint pain – to name a few. Mentally, this practice will boost happiness, focus, energy, and creative thinking. It will also elevate our spiritual growth by allowing us to see the Divine Mother in all of creation. Bhagavad Gita verse 10.41 says “Whatever you see as beautiful, glorious, or powerful, know it to spring from but a spark of My splendor.”

Mindful Walking

To enhance your connection to nature further engage in the practice of mindful walking. In the Japanese tradition, this is known as “Forest Bathing.” It is recommended to walk slowly for 20 minutes, two hours per week, with no distractions (i.e., leave your phone at home). There are several methods for mindful walking, such as focusing on our footsteps (the sound, the feeling under your feet, pace, etc.), listening to our breath, or observing the sights, sounds, and smells around us.

Another way to walk mindfully is to show gratitude for what we encounter and connect those aspects to the Supreme. We can create the same attributes we experience indoors in the temple or our pooja room by noticing how nature makes us feel, and relish in the divine bliss.

Lao Tzu said, “Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.” If we can imitate nature, then we too can find time to do the things that are truly beneficial to our spiritual purpose. Swamiji says, “Elevated souls who purify their attitudes and ennoble their sentiments perceive the presence of God in every atom of creation.” Let us all endeavor to elevate our souls by taking a walk in God’s perfection.

Reflection Questions for Discussion


Bhakti Ras
  • Which aspect of our Divine Mother do you admire and strive to emulate?
  • Bal-Mukund
  • Why did Radha Radhi descend on earth?
  • Why did Radha Rani hide her identity in this pasttime?
  • Youth Insights
  • As a teenager, how can you actively embrace and embody the selfless love and virtues, such as compassion, sacrifice, and sharing, that you have learned from your mother's love? How do these strengthen your connection with God and positively impacting the world around you?
  • Holistic Health Titbits
  • What mindful walking methods can you create and implement to bring you closer to the Divine?
































































































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    Veda Mela will include many interesting events for Ayurvedic practitioners, professionals, students, wellness enthusiasts, and the general public. Everyone has the opportunity to participate in some free events including soulful Kirtans to immerse yourself in devotional chanting for spiritual harmony. Additionally, the Ayurveda Clinic will provide free access to expert advice and insights. Register to participate as per option available: