Radha Krishna Temple Landscape Project


Flower $25  |  Small Shrub $51  |  Large Shrub $101


Help us transform the landscape of our ever beautiful Radha Krishna Temple into your very own magical spiritual garden of beauty and inspiration. Let us together create a sanctuary where our eyes can feast on the lovely flowers and shrubs painted with the nature’s vibrant colors of the changing seasons. Let us not only make it a place where we smell the fragrances of rose, jasmine, and many other blissful scents, but where we find a sense of peace and tranquility.

A beautiful temple garden can give pleasure to those who crave a connection with nature in their lives. From the spiritual side, when we see an attractive natural landscape as part of God’s amazing creation, the experience of a beautiful serene and tranquil garden can enhance our connection with God.

Plants have the power to transform, giving a place special energy. They surround us with a beautiful nature scene that will have a positive impression us. The serene yet colorful gardens will inspire those same feelings in our minds and inspire us to connect with God through this relationship with nature.

Imagine you and your family able to take a stroll around the temple grounds treating your eyes to the beauty of bold and colorful flowers, delighting in the sweet perfumes of fragrant shrubs or being able to sit in a tranquil shaded spot among butterflies and colorful fragrant flowers, and even hearing the water gently splash in the fountain…. a place where you can escape from the world and soothe and refresh the yourself.


1) Divine Beauty

The grounds of the temple are like an artist’s canvas, with so much potential for beauty. Shri Radha Krishna’s abode should be a beautiful landscape painted with lush colors of the rainbow, giving us a hint of the beauty of the sacred divine meadows and groves of their divine pastimes.

However, did you know the value of a beautiful landscape lies deeper than simply the pleasing aesthetics, soothing sounds and aromas?

2) Deepening our connections

Nature innately possesses the essential elements to make a sacred space. Air, water, sun, and plants satisfy our basic human needs and help us to connect with the deeper processes of life.

3) Relaxation, Restoration & Positive Transformation

As a beautiful nature escape, the temple grounds would certainly become a place for relaxation and restoration. However, even beyond that the sacred space would be uplifting to those who experience

it and thereby bringing about a positive transformation of both individual and community.

4) Inspiration for Peaceful Relationships

The grounds would become a sacred place that can elevate visitors into a deeper, healthier and more peaceful relationship with themselves, the souls with whom they interact, as well as the modern material world around them.

5) Inherent Stress Relief and Healing

Interacting with the beauty of nature is a tremendous stress reliever and is proven to be healing to body, mind and soul. Experiencing this sacred natural space provide both the ideal opportunity and natural surroundings to escape from the hard driving pressures of everyday busy modern lifestyle and have a deeper soulful experience.

6) Positive Impact on Mind’s Ability to Think and Focus

Nature – the flowers, trees, shrubs, the patterns of leaves and petals, fascinate the mind and hold its attention effortlessly. More than just soothing, these natural elements restore our ability to think and focus.

7) Great Environment for Contemplation

Beautiful natural sacred spaces create the security and support we need for contemplation. Nature elevates our thinking, allowing our thoughts to transcend beyond the mundane everyday details. The temple landscape will gift us with opportunities to discover and reflect on the sacred that lies in everyday life.

8) Natural Gift of Practicing God’s Presence & Deepening Your Relationship to Him

The beautiful landscaped spaces will inspire you to experience God’s presence, where you can know and feel that these grounds belong to Shri Radha Krishna. Therefore, the grounds transform into a sacred place that elevate you into a deeper, healthier and more peaceful relationship with yourself, the souls with whom you interact, as well as the modern material world around you.


Together we can paint a beautiful landscape filled with evergreens and splashes of year round color and sweet fragrances. We can create a garden sanctuary for the soul.

The temple sits on a 3.25 acre parcel of land. We have many areas that require landscaping as well as hardscape elements, where we can create shaded sitting areas in nature, fountains, and more.

To achieve all this, the temple needs hundreds of flowers and shrubs to turn the grounds into your very own lush divine garden sanctuary where you and your family can come and enjoy. From smaller annual and perennial flowers, shrubs of many sizes, and other plant varieties, creating such a place requires large quantities and variety of species of plants and many more resources to install them.

Your donations and plant sponsorship combined with your efforts to inspire others to get involved will make a big difference in making this a reality.

If all of us did a little, imagine what we can achieve in just a short time! Let us take advantage of this growing season to transform our beautiful temple landscape together.

Make this landscape your very own!


The temple invites you to participate not only in sponsorship of plants but in spreading the word and inviting your circle of friends, family and colleagues to also participate.

Please download and use the pledge form to collect pledges

Please return completed pledge forms by email to: rktspiritualgardening@gmail.com

Special recognition will be given to the top pledge collectors.


A special event for sponsors and those who have run their own personal pledge campaigns within their social circles will be invited to a special recognition event with Swami Mukundananda in May.

The temple would like to express appreciation to those who participate in the landscape project in whatever way they can, both big and small. In addition to the special event with Swamiji, top pledge collectors and donors will receive special recognition.

This will be a chance for closer association with Swamiji and a chance to celebrate the progress in fundraising as well as a chance to discuss the vision of the temple grounds.

Those who have collected pledges or made donations will be informed of the event. Please be sure to provide us with your contact information.


The temple has already begun a hedge project, to install and grow an evergreen hedge just inside the perimeter fence line. Your donation to the hedge project would help immensely. This evergreen hedge row will serve more than a simple perimeter boundary, but more importantly, it will serve as the place holder, to hold the sacred space of the temple.


If you enjoy working outdoors and would like to help in grounds keeping and landscaping projects, please contact the temple for seva opportunities.


Track the fundraising progress at: www.youcaring.com/RKTSpiritualGardens

To donate call 469-795-9130 or email to rktspiritualgardening@gmail.com