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ram navami mahotsav radha krishna temple

Ram Navami Mahotsav Radha Krishna Temple, is an eagerly awaited and extremely blissfully festival honoring the appearance of Lord Ram! Across the world and in the Indian Community USA, this festival is celebrated with great joy. Join in, along with the Dallas Indian Community, the LIVE online celebrations, telecast directly from a famous Dallas Hindu Temple - the Radha Krishna Temple of Dallas, (worldwide headquarters of JKYog)! The celebrations will begin from 1st April 2020, at 5PM CST, celebrating Chaitra Navratri Ashtami with Durga Poojan & Ashtami Havan. Ram Navami itself falls on 2nd April 2020 and will be celebrated with Pooja and Aarti of Lord Ram in the evening, starting 6PM CST. Continuing the devotional feast, on 3rd April 2020, devotees will be treated to a Sunderkand Paath – stories of Lord Hanuman, one of the greatest and most loyal devotees of Lord Ram – from 5:30PM onwards. The icing on the cake will be the LIVE Satsang on Apr 4th, 2020, with none other than His Holiness Swami Mukundananda – from 9:30AM – 12:00PM CST!

Register HERE to view the celebrations LIVE. You can also SIGN UP HERE to offer any sevas in devotion.

Ram Navami Mahotsav – Significance of Chaitra Navratri and Ram Navami

Chaitra Navratri is celebrated in the first month Hindu lunar calendar ‘Chaitra’. It is also called Vasanta Navratri and Ram Navratri. Although there are four Navratris in a year coinciding with the four seasons, only Sharad (autumn) and Chaitra (spring) Navratris are celebrated with much enthusiasm. In the western state of Maharashtra, the first day of Chaitra Navratri is celebrated as Gudi Padwa. In the southern states of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, and Telangana, Ugadi is celebrated - New Year’s Day according to the Hindu lunar calendar. It is said that Brahma began creation on Ugadi Day.

Chaitra Navaratri festival is dedicated to worshipping the nine forms of Goddess Shakti – Shailaputri, Brahmacharini, Chandraghanta, Kushmanda, Skandamata, Katyayini, Kaalaratri, Maha Gauri and Siddhidatri.

The ninth day (Navami) of Chaitra Navratri is celebrated to commemorate the birth of “Maryada Purushottam” Lord Shree Ram, the epitome of righteousness.  Ram Navami is celebrated with much devotion and piety by Hindus all over the world. On this divine occasion chariot processions of Lord Ram, Sita Maiya, Lakshman ji, and Hanuman ji are taken from temples, in Ayodhya – the birthplace of Lord Ram.

Ram Navami Mahotsav – Background of Lord Ram’s birth

King Dashrath, of the Ikshvaku dynasty, was a noble, powerful, and benevolent ruler of Ayodhya. Dashrath had three queens – Kaushalya, Kaikeyi and Sumitra – but unfortunately no children. At the advice of the royal Guru, Sage Vasishtha, King Dashrath and his queens performed a Putrakameshti Yagya, or sacrifice to obtain children with the assistance Shringi Rishi. A divine being, Agni Dev, emerged from the Yagya Kunda, holding a vessel containing a divine sweet. Kaushalya received half of the sweet, Kaikeyi the other half and Sumitra received a portion from Kaushalya and Kaikeyi each. All three queens were soon expecting.

Ram Navami Mahotsav – Lord Ram’s Divine Appearance

On Chaitra Navami, around mid-day, suddenly a gentle, mellow breeze started blowing in the city of Ayodhya. The Sarayu river meandered joyously in all its fullness. The brahmins performing rituals found that their Yagya Kundas suddenly lit up with sacred fire. Celestial beings and gods started singing praises, eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Supreme Lord of the Universe in his incarnation as Lord Ram. The moment was here!

Kaushalya, at first had a vision of the four-armed Lord Vishnu. Saint Tulsidas, a famous devotee of Lord Ram, beautifully highlights this divine moment in his writings[1].

Bhaye prakat kripala dinadayala kausalya hitkari

Harshit mahatari muni man haari adbhut roop bichari

Lochan abhirama tanu ghanshyama nij aayudha bhuj chaari

Bhushan vanamala nayan bisala sobhasindhu kharari

The lord who exhibits his mercy and compassion to the suffering, appeared before Kausalya,

And she was gladdened on seeing him who stole the heart of sages and thought about his great form,

As he had ever pretty eyes, a dark black body and held weapons in four hands,

And, that killer of Khara wore a forest garland, had broad eyes, was an ocean of beauty.

Kah dui kara jori astuti tori kehi bidhi karaun ananta

Maya gungyaanateet amaana vedpuraan bhavanta

Karuna sukh sagar sab gun gaagar jehi gaavahi shruti santa

So mama hita laagi jana anuragi bhayo prakat shrikanta

She saluted him joining her palms, sang his praises and asked him “Oh lord of infinite and endless mercy, how do I praise you,

The Vedas and puranas say that you are beyond Maya, beyond all the attributes, knowledge and you are immeasurable,

You are the ocean of joy and mercy, the collection of all good virtues and are praised by all Vedas and sages,

And for the sake of pleasing me, Oh Lord of Lakshmi, you have appeared before me.

Bramhand nikaya nirmit maya rom prati bed kahai

Mama ur so baasi yeh upahaasi sunat dheer mati thir na rahai

Upaja jab gyaana prabhu muskaanaa charita bahut bidhi keenha chahai

Kahi katha sunayi maatu bujhayi jehi prakaar suta prem lahai

The Vedas say that you created universes from every pore by the power of your Maya

Even wise men, on hearing that you lived in my womb would find it difficult to believe,”

And when this thought came to the mother the Lord smiled and told her that he does diverse acts.

And he told her joyful stories so that she would start loving him like a child.

Maata puni boli so mati doli tajahu taat yeh roopa

Keeje sishuleela ati priyaseela yeh sukh param anoopa

Suni bachana sujaana rodana thaana hoyi baalak sura bhoopa

Yeh charita je gavahi haripad paavahi te na parahi bhavakoopa

On hearing this the mother’s mind changed and the Lord gave up the form he had assumed,

And she requested him to do display his infant pastimes to give her great happiness,

On hearing these words, the all-knowing Lord became a little infant and started crying!

The one who sings this divine pastime will attain the feet or Lord Hari and never fall back into the cycle of birth and death.


Siyavar Raamachandra Bhagavaan ki Jai!

Kaikeyi gave birth to Bharat ji and Sumitra gave birth to twins- Lakshman and Shatrughna. King Dashrath’s joy knew no bounds. The residents of Ayodhya were ecstatic! Maryada Purushottam, the prince of Ayodhya - Lord Ram had descended amid their midst to delight them with his sweet pastimes!

Ram Navami Mahotsav – Untold Stories of Lord Ram!

Watch this blissful video in which Swamiji beautifully relates the lesser known historical stories and pastimes related to Ram Navami:

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Ram Navami Mahotsav – Ram Bhajans Playlist

Listen to and chant along with this beautiful, calming playlist of Ram Bhajans in Swamiji’s melodious voice to get into the festive spirit of Ram Navami with all the devotion in your heart. Watch the splendid images in the videos to aid your Roopdhyan Meditation.

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Ram Navami Mahotsav – Devotional Feast for Desi Community USA

Lord Ram will appear amidst us yet again and like the residents of Ayodhya, the Dallas Desi Community and Indian Community USA, have the divine fortune of being able to celebrate this occasion from the comfort of home, thanks to technology! Soak in the divine vibrations, relive the moment of this divine appearance with ecstatic chants. Partake in the shower of grace with your family by joining the celebrations and Satsang with Swamiji at the Radha Krishna Temple of Dallas, LIVE online through Zoom.  Who knows when such an opportunity may come again?



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