Krishna Leela Janmashtami 2022 A Devotional Treat

Krishna Leela by the RKT Dallas theater group, Krishna Leela displays, Swamiji's nectarine address captured the hearts of devotees.  

Krishna Leela Devotional Treats

The festivities at the Radha Krishna Temple of Dallas, JKYog USA Headquarters drew thousands of people each day who thronged every open corridor and hall. 

The audience in packed CICE Hall thoroughly enjoyed the theatrical presentation of pastimes associated with Shree Krishna's birth with many audience members becoming emotional. The play was also highly entertaining and well produced. Talented devotees executed their roles to perfection and the state of the art CICE stage technology enhanced the audiovisual appeal of the drama. All these factors made this a wonderful devotional treat unique to RKT Dallas Janmashtami.

"Krishna Leela"

The temple was resplendent in festive decorations. Little children in fancy dress costumes delighted the hearts of people adding to the festive atmosphere. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the Dahi Handi event.

"Krishna Leela"

Krishna Leela Display: Beautiful Pastimes in 3D with audio visuals

Beautiful Janmashtami special displays drew many admirers from near and far as a special attraction only at RKT Dallas.

The hardworking, talented, resourceful and enterprising devotees of the Radha Krishna Temple of Dallas put together for the public, enthralling displays of episodes from Krishna Leela in the newly constructed CICE Hall. Devotees got special darshan of Shree Radha Krishna in the hall and enjoyed visualizing the various pastimes showcased, with customized audiovisual and textual accompaniments.

"Krishna Leela"

Krishna Leela Bliss: Increase Love for Shree Krishna Says Swami Mukundananda

Swamiji’s Janmashtami address at the Radha Krishna Temple of Dallas Janmashtami Mahotsav celebrations inspired devotees to develop a close connection with Shri Krishna and increase their love for Shri Krishna. He described the five types of blissful relationships one can develop with Shri Krishna - Shaant (that of the subjects towards their king), Dasya (servant of Shri Krishna), Sakhya (friend of Shri Krishna), Vatsalya (parents of Shri Krishna), Madhurya (seeing Shri Krishna as the beloved). Swamiji highlighted God’s Law of Love:

“Ye Yatha Maam Prapadyante Tamstathaiva Bhajaamyaham”

BG 4.11: In whatever way people surrender unto Me, I reciprocate accordingly.

Thus God’s love for us is in our hands! If we want more love from God, we must increase our own selfless love for Him and he will reciprocate to exactly the same extent, at the same time, in the same sentiment.

"Krishna Leela"

Swamiji highlighted that every Janmashtami we must measure our progress to see how much we have grown in our love for Shri Krishna and make a resolve to consider Him alone as our only selfless relative in the world. This Bhakti is so powerful that we can exercise our free will to even enslave God, by loving Him selflessly. It was such love that made Yashoda the mother of Shri Krishna - the same Shri Krishna who is the father of the universe! He stressed that the purpose of Shri Krishna’s avatar was to establish the Dharma of Bhakti - Shri Krishna showered the nectar of blissful pastimes that He performed under the sway of selfless love or Nishkaam Bhakti. A few drops of that nectar is distributed by saints to the souls in the world, to help them purify their minds through contemplating these pastimes, developing love and attaining Shree Krishna. Swamiji highlighted the simple 3 fold path of Bhakti - Shravan(hearing God’s pastimes), Kirtan (chanting God’s name) and Smaran (unbroken remembrance of God), underscoring the importance of Smaran in increasing our love for God. 

He also sang beautiful kirtans which bestowed the nectar of devotion upon listeners. 

Janmashtami Day featured a beautiful Abhishek of Bal Krishna by Swami Mukundananda. Ecstatic kirtans kept the audience devotionally inspired throughout. The event reached its climax when Baby Krishna was welcomed in the midst of a packed hall with hundreds of devotees eagerly awaiting their beloved Lord. Swamiji broke out into a spontaneous dance and threw candies into the audience. Children received special Janmashtami gifts. 

Swamiji cut a gorgeously designed blue colored cake with peacock decorations for the birthday boy Shree Krishna. Midnight Aarti was performed of Baby Krishna.

Every devotee felt as if they had been transported 5000 years back in time to witness the divine descension of the Lord and experienced the joy of being a part of blissful Krishna Leela despite being on the material plane. Boliye Krishna Kanhaiya Lal ki Jai! Vrindavan Bihari Lal ki Jai


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