Guru Purnima Celebration - Radha Krishna Temple

  • Guru Purnima Celebration

    Guru Purnima Celebration - Radha Krishna Temple

    Guru Purnima celebration is a much-awaited day of the year. On this day disciples across the world who have experienced the priceless fortune of the  divine  grace and protection of a God realized saint in their lives express their heartfelt gratitude, and reverence, and pay respects at the lotus feet of their Guru. This day people also thank teachers in every field of knowledge including guides and mentors. “The Guru is the bright mask which God wears in order to come to us” - Swami Vivekananda.

    Guru Purnima Celebration – The origin

    Guru Purnima is celebrated on the full moon day in the Hindu calendar month of Ashadh. The tradition of celebrating Guru Purnima is believed to have been started by Buddhists. It is said Lord Buddha is believed to have delivered his first speech on Guru Purnima day in Saarnath, situated at the confluence of river Ganga and Varuna in Uttar Pradesh, India. Guru Purnima is also known by other names such as Vyas Purnima to denote the Birthday of Guru Ved Vyaas.

    Guru Purnima Celebration – Guru dispels darkeness

    In the ever changing material realm the body and the  mind is mired by a combination of  three modes that of  sattva-the mode of purity and harmony, rajas - mode of passion and manipulation, and tamas the mode of laziness and darkness. Maya keeps us bound as slaves if we are governed by our desire for happiness, activity, and illusion in these three modes of Maya. The unstable mind keeps making the rounds of thee modes from time to time resulting in a vicious cycle of attachment, desire, and anger. To get out of this cycle of bondage caused by the 3 modes and raise above the unstable world of Maya and free the mind from all material bondage requires detaching the mind from the material and attach it to God. Attaching the mind to God requires faith that is impeded by doubts of the heart and the intellect. The mind that is wrapped Maya is ignorant and cripples the love for God. To absorb the mind in God we need divine knowledge that only God realized saint can impart. When the mind is surrendered in full faith to Hari and Guru the Vedic wisdom and knowledge are bestowed and the detachment from material bondage begins. This paves the way for purifying the mind and delinking the intellect form ignorance to pursue the goal of spiritual growth and attaining divine love.

    नैषां मतिस्तावदुरुक्रमाङ्‌घ्रिं
    स्पृशत्यनर्थापगमो यदर्थ:
    महीयसां पादरजोऽभिषेकंeeनिष्किञ्चनानां वृणीत यावत् ३२ - (Bhāgavatam 7.5.32) [v33]

    “Until we bathe ourselves in the dust of the lotus feet of a Saint, we can never have an experience of the transcendental platform.” – Bhagvad Gita-Song of God-Commentary by H.H. Swami Mukundanandaji.

    Guru Purnima Celebration - What are defects of the mind that Guru dispels

    The Patanjali Yoga Sutra delineates five defects of a defective mind.

    1. Avidya- ignorance that forms the basis of all suffering rooted in considering the world around as permanent, the ability and ignorance to treat body and soul as separate entities
    2. Asmita – feeling proud about self, identity or being.
    3. Rag- being attached to near and dear ones or friends or family members.
    4. Dvesh- harboring ill feeling or bad sentiments about people one does not like (enemies).
    5. Abhinivesh- fear of death

    Then with such a defective intellect how do you attain divine love?

    The source of our divine love is a God realized saint who dispels the darkness in our lives through Vedic and scriptural knowledge to help us purify our heart and achieve divine love. Such a Guru will teach the spiritual practice and through his causelessly merciful nature keep dispelling the ignorance caused by Maya, protects his disciples from getting sidetracked or discouraged in the path to divine love by providing constant support and encouragement, With all these when the heart is purified grace the disciple with divine love. “There are so many ways to make mistakes in devotion. But only one way to be always right- Be positive and align your will with God & Guru”- H.H. Swami Mukundananda

    Guru Purnima Celebration- Great Opportunity to express your gratitude

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