Kirtan Sessions at 2019 Winter Bhakti Retreat Stir the Soul in Allen TX

We move fast down the racetrack of life. The fast pace and pressure of living at superhighway speed takes its toll.  We charge our phones, laptops and tablets, take the car for fill ups, tune ups and oil changes, but what do we do for our inner self?  Likely the answer is hardly much.  Radha Krishna Temple has just the prescription you need. 

We too need recharging.  JKYog’s Winter Retreat is just the Rx we need! Slowing down,  putting the world  on pause, and giving your inner self tender loving care and attention right at the end of the year will charge our batteries and restore our energy, heal us and make us feel rejuvenated. 

The Dallas retreat begins each morning with Yoga for Body Mind and Soul – a gentle and restorative session where you could experience deep relaxation, slow down the chatter in the mind and experience a sense of peace and contentment.

Sprinkled throughout each day of the retreat are numerous kirtan sessions – an opportunity to experience your own spirituality and experience the knowledge of the Vedas come to live within you.  Energy infused naam sankirtan to many other sweet and heart-warming poetic lyrics ignite the divine connection within you.  You can just feel the heart fill up with bliss.  “Singing is so therapeutic and lifts your spirits, whether or not you are good at singing makes no difference.   When I sang the lyrics of the kirtan for the first time I instantly felt touched deeply in my heart. Never underestimate the power of kirtan in your life”, shared Subramanian Narayanan, one of the retreat participants.

It takes just one single gem of knowledge to transform your life completely.  At the Winter Retreat, we are gifted with so many priceless gems of wisdom which come in the form of short inspiring lectures, and the greatly anticipated direct one on one Q&A with Swami Mukundananda, a world renowned authority on mind management and the Vedic scriptures. Just imagine the kind of impact this can have on you!

The retreat also includes special guided meditation, cultural program and mehafil– a time to share your talents and gain inspiration from being surrounded by many ambitious and sincere souls aspiring to deepen their personal spiritual practice.

“I can’t think of a better way to end the year and start the new year than to recharge my batteries and connect to the divine where I can charge up on the boundless divine energy and limitless attributes of God”, shared Rajesh Kumar. “I strongly believe this will give me a head start in the new year and help give me the momentum and focus I was needing to make some real progress.”

Some participants have never attended a retreat.  “I didn’t really know what to expect,  but I’m getting so much, recounted Ramesh S., with many challenges I’ve faced lately, I didn’t realize how much negativity had been weighing me down.  Just one day here was so blissful.  I felt inspired and energized in a way I’ve never experienced before, this retreat is really making a difference.”

There has been months of behind the scenes planning and preparation for the retreat by dozens of people.  Under the personal guidance of Swami Mukundananda, so much care has been put into coming up with the right balance of activities to make it the best and most transformative experience for each participant.  With so much effort put into the coordination, content, and execution, it’s hard to believe the admission is free!

Don’t miss out on the benefits! There is still time to join! Call the temple at 469-795-9130 for more information.