Diwali Mahotsav Unites DFW Community

Diwali Mahotsav from Oct 21-25 united the DFW community in a glittering 5 Day Celebration. October 2022 was declared as Diwali Month by Allen City Mayor Ken Fulk. Swami Mukundananda's message of overcoming the inner demons of pride and ignorance with divine knowledge touched the hearts of the diverse audience. 

Thousands of people thronged the 5 Day Grand RKT Diwali Mahotsav from Oct 21-25, 2022 at JKYog US Headquarters Radha Krishna Temple of Dallas . Many fortunate souls attended the celebrations in Swami Mukundananda 's divine presence online.

Diwali Mahotsav Highlights

Swami Mukundananda and various members of the DFW community lit the symbolic Diwali lamp.


Diwali cultural programs showcasing India's rich dance and music traditions, delighted the hearts of all attendees. Blissful Ram Leela dance drama, superbly presented by DFW dance schools, enthralled attendees and evoked sentiments of devotion in their hearts.

Diwali Mahotsav - Swamiji Stresses Removing Ignorance with Light of Divine Knowledge

In one of the most rousing Diwali addresses yet, Swamiji underscored the importance of celebrating the true Diwali: the Diwali of the mind, where the inner demons of pride, anger, greed, lust, envy get destroyed by the light of divine knowledge. He dispelled many cliches associated with the festival of Diwali and common misconceptions about the associated pastimes and central characters. The diverse DFW audience, including key community members, and Texas state officials, applauded his message as it struck a chord deep down. READ ALL THE TAKEAWAYS FROM SWAMIJI'S 2022 DIWALI MESSAGE

Diwali Mahotsav - Sita Ram Abhishek

Other highlights of the event included heart touching Abhishek of Sita Ram by Swamiji, and various perfectly executed Diwali Poojas. Hanuman Chalisa chanting energized the atmosphere and the hearts of the attendees.

Devotees experienced the bliss of a special Sunday Satsang with Swamiji - his kirtan renditions and spiritual message moved everyone to tears.

In a landmark moment, the Mayor of City of Allen Ken Fulk , issued a proclamation declaring October 2022 as Diwali month in Allen, in recognition of the efforts of the Radha Krishna Temple of Dallas. Swamiji lit firecrackers along with the excited attendees!

Lord Ram, Sita and Lakshman were lovingly welcomed into RKT Dallas with a special ceremony in which Swamiji offered flowers and placed tilaks on their foreheads.


Diwali Mahotsav - Govardhan Pooja

The devotional sentiments were skyhigh during Govardhan Pooja, where Swamiji lovingly performed Abhishek of Giriraj Maharaj Krishna Swaroop Govardhan. The touching Govardhan Leela lecture covered two primary takeaways: the importance of exclusive devotion to God and the importance of attaching the mind only to the transcendental divine realm and not to ghosts, celestial gods or any other entities to prevent being stuck in the cycle of life and death. Govardhan Maharaj was beautifully decorated and offered bhog by ecstatic devotees.


Devotees in Dallas and worldwide attendees, thoroughly enjoyed the spiritual and cultural extravaganza spanning five days, with gratitude in their hearts towards Swamiji for his divine presence.