The 7 Secrets for Awakening Your Best Self – A Spiritual Metamorphosis


The 7 Secrets for Awakening Your Best Self – the weeklong yoga, meditation, and discourse program at the Radha Krishna Temple in Allen by H. H. Swami Mukundananda ji – was packed with hands-on activities, sonorous kirtans, interesting discourse replete with practical wisdom, effective QA sessions with Swamiji, followed by a delicious dinner, especially prepared by the devoted and hardworking volunteers.

Each day began with a charged group of committed devotees showing up sincerely for the morning walk, to saunter around the periphery of the temple in the divine company of Swamiji. It was more than just a walk. The sunrise walkers soaking in every ounce of wisdom emanating from the spiritual preceptor and yogi was a surreal experience.

Morning Walk at the Radha Krishna Temple

Although the week-long event was filled with an array of educational and entertaining activities, what starkly stood out was the hour-long sessions of yog āsans, prānāyām, and meditation to achieve the mind-body-soul harmony, and experience bliss in all areas of life, as a result of the synchronicity of these facets. While the yoga session was still on, people coming in hordes as early as forty minutes before the discourse, to be in close proximity to Swamiji so that they do not miss a single wise word was an endearing sight to behold.

Radhey Krishna Yoga Sessions

The program unfolded gradually with Swamiji extracting one gem from the Vedic philosophy daily, and presenting the treasured gift to a hall packed to its full capacity of riveted audience. Each secret was a lesson in itself, and was made palatable by adding anecdotes, wit, humor, and trivia, which further added to its allure. Giving the secrets here would be a thorough injustice to the exquisite pearls of wisdom, as one would need to experience themselves the magic of the first-hand information. The week-long mega event concluded with a finale where Swamiji himself lovingly put together a doable daily routine based on his own tenets of healthy and wholesome living, to facilitate the execution of his secrets to the best self. One of the easiest ways to put this routine into practice is to attend the weekly Satsang conducted by the Radha Krishna temple in Allen.

In all, the event was a delightful blend of faith, spirituality, wisdom, mirth, and genuine spirit of celebration, particularly suited for the summer. It was made possible both by the altruistic contribution by Swamiji and fortified by the selfless service of the volunteers, who worked day and night to ensure the smooth functioning of the event and that everyone in attendance left the place with indelible memories to cherish for the lifetime.

Kirtan and Discourse

It was almost enigmatic to see mixed feelings writ on the people’s faces, for while they were excited and looking forward to a rich life, but were also morose that the event that they awaited excitedly each morning had neared its sunset. However, there is another opportunity to join us at the Radha Krishna Temple for a life transformation program in August, where Swamiji will shed light on the devotional secrets of Ram Katha and to participate in the Janmashtami Mahotsav festivities, to experience the ineffable and sublime bliss!