JKYog 175th Saint Tyagaraja Aradhanal

19 - 20
Feb 2022
(Sat) - (Sun)
01:00 pm - 10:15 am
Radha Krishna Temple 1450 N Watters Rd Allen, TX, 75013

Tyagaraja Aradhana is observed every year by artists, gurus, students, and connoisseurs of Carnatic music around the world. On this day homage is paid to the great saint composer Tyagaraja (1767-1847). Saint Tyagaraja composed thousands of kritis majorly in Telugu and also in Sanskrit in invocation and praise of Lord Shree Rama. The year 2022 is the 175th Aradhana of the Saint composer.

Pushya Bahula Panchami, his Samadhi day is commemorated every year by group singing of five of his Pancharatna compositions (five gems) in his honor. Typically, this group singing is preceded by individual renditions of Tyagaraja kritis by students of Carnatic music.


Inviting Singers and Instrumentalists for solo and group performances

Participants can register to sing or play an instrument (violin, veena, flute etc.). Please note only Tyagaraja Kritis for a maximum of 7 minutes and no Pancharanta kritis are allowed.

Inviting singers and connoisseurs of music for the Group Singing of Pancharatna Kritis

The group singing of the Pancharatna Kritis will be led by Guru Vijaykumar Krishnan and other musicians.

Please register to participate in the group singing of the Pancharatna kritis as well.

All participants will earn a participation certificate from JKYog.

To register or to find more details, click here


 Vocal and Instrumental - Both  Solo and  Group

Saturday 19th Feb.2022  1:00 - 7:00 PM CST

  • On location at Radha Krishna Temple 1450, North Watters Road Allen, Texas, USA
  • Virtual – Video Submission

One song per participant/group  up to a maximum of 7 minutes. No raga-alapana or kalpana swaras.

  • Sub-junior category (age 5-11 as on March 1)
  • Junior Category ( >11-17 as on March 1) 
  • Senior Category (age > 17 as on March 1)
  • Group singing of Panchatantra Kritis – No fee
  • Individual Solo/Instrumental category – $7 per entry 
  • Group entries are allowed only for music schools and music teachers :
    • Minimum of 3 and  maximum of 4 participants per group
    • Each member of the group pays $5.

You are encouraged to bring electronic Tanpuras and or download e-Tanpura Apps for Android and Apple.

Participants in the percussion/violin category will accompany other participants.

Sunday 20th Feb.2020  10:00 AM - 11:15 AM CST

Yes. Mahaprasad will be provided on both days. Participants also have an opportunity to sponsor mahaprasad.

To receive updates about category specific timings, guidelines and alerts subscribe to WhatsApp group

  • Face-to Face: Last day to register for in person participation : Sunday 2nd Feb,2022 11 pm CST/Monday 3rd Feb 10.30 am IST
  • Online: Video to be submitted before Sunday 2nd Feb,2022 11 pm  CST/3rd Feb 10,30 am IST