Holika dahan & Holi

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Holika Dahan & Phoolon ki Holi with Radha Krishna Celebration


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JKYog & Radha Krishna Temple of Dallas invites you to the most awaited event of the year - Phoolon Ki Holi 2024 on Saturday  March 30th, 2024! Come join us at the temple for the most devotional evening!! For devotees far away from dallas the full program will be broadcasted Live!! 

Holi is known as a festival that encourages even enemies to bury the hatchet, forgive mistakes and renew loving sentiments towards all. As they say in India "Bura na Mano Holi Hai" - Don't feel bad on the day of Holi. Read this blog to cultivate forgiveness.

Phoolon ki Holi

The Radha Krishna Temple of Dallas celebrates an exquisite Braj-style Phoolon ki Holi with Radha-Krishna. On this divine occasion, devotees get to savor the bliss of sprinkling flower petals on Radha and Krishna. The celebration includes devotees singing joyous chants and kirtans and dancing to the tunes of Shree Maharajji’s divine Holi kirtans.

Soak in the beautiful displays of huge troughs of vibrant flower petals everywhere. The Prayer Hall of the Temple begins to feel like Golok on earth during this festival!

Program Highlights


Holika and Prahlad in her lap sitting in fire - Holika Dahan

Holika Dahan

Devotional Kirtan

Devotional Kirtan

Swami mukundananda

Satsang (Swami Mukundananda Lecture)

Holi Celebrations

Phoolon ki Holi

Radha Krishna Aarti



Date CDT  Time Details

Sunday March 24th

4:30 PM onward
  • Satyanarayan Pooja
  • Holika Dahan (No Color play) [6:30 PM CST]
  • Aarti & Bhajans
  • Mouth Watering Holi Food

Saturday March 30th  

5:00 PM onward
  • Phoolon ki Holi with Radha Krishna and Special Kirtans
  • Radha Krishna Aarti
  • Mouth Watering Holi Food

*Please note that there will be no color play in the temple.

*Because of the Holika Dahan Celebration, parking may not be available in the temple, and you may need to park on the other side of the temple.


Sponsorship Opportunities


Sponsorship Opportunities

USA & All Other ($)

India (Rs)

Grand Sponsor $2,501 Rs.51,000
Mukhya Yajman $1,501 Rs.30,001
Pramukh Yajman $1001 Rs.20,001
Yajman $501 Rs 10,001
Holika Dahan Pooja with Bhakt Prahlad $100 Rs.2,001
Phal Phool $101 Rs.2,001
Holi Pooja $51 Rs.1,001
Satyanarayan Katha Samuhik Pooja $51 Rs.1,001
Aarti and Archana $25 Rs.501
Flower Holi Play with Radha Krishna  $21 Rs.401
Holi Archana $11 Rs. 201

Seva Opportunities - USD Seva Opportunities - INR


Watch this beautiful devotional song on this Holi!!


Visitor Map


We do expect this to be a large gathering. To help make your experience smooth, we request that you refer to the below visitor map to note the parking area and the entrance area. Also, please note that by registering for the event you are accepting the waiver form. 


"Event Visitor Map"

Special Canteen Menu

Holi Special Food Menu