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Debate Workshop (Virtual, 1 hr. Free)

It does not matter how good your idea is if you are unable to convey your message properly. This is where we come in – our Debate Workshop will help you overcome your fear of public speaking and give you effective persuasion abilities. Will give you an edge in the speech & debate contests in Kaun Banega Ramayan Vidyapati. 

Workshop conducted by Gowrishankar Shankar, Area 22 Director, District 50 Toastmasters, VPPR for CruiseMasters.


  • Skill & Strategy development for all levels of experience in debating (novice to experienced)
  • Improve confidence and public speaking
  • Practice the thought process of in-depth analysis, critical thinking, and a speaking style that will revolutionize your speech delivery and content. 
  • Analyze successful and unsuccessful debate techniques using real-life examples.
  • Learn to develop a solid opening statement & how to debate your opponent through Q&A
  • Learn argumentative and rhetorical strategies for winning 
  • Experienced Coaches



  • WHEN: June 27
  • TIME: 8 - 9 pm CST
  • WHERE: Online via Zoom
  • DURATION: 1 hour 
  • COST: Free 
  • ELIGIBILITY: 12 years and above; No prior debating experience required

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