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Father's Day Satsang

June 16th, 10:30 am - 12:30 pm CDT | 9 pm IST  


JKYog & Radha Krishna Temple are organizing the Father's Day Satsang on Sunday, June 16th.

God is the only eternal father who is always with each of us, guiding us during easy and difficult times. We all need to understand the importance of expressing gratitude to the two fathers of our souls. The first father is the Guru, who prepares the soul to meet God. The second father is the Lord Himself, who takes care of all the souls, keeps an account of their karmas, and delivers justice and grace accordingly. Let us create divine sentiments for our divine fathers by recognizing the sacrifices that they have made to help us on the path of spirituality. Where all worldly relationships are motivated by self-interest, God and Guru offer unconditional love and support to all of us. Let us commemorate Father’s Day to express our gratitude and love for our divine fathers.

JKYog and Radha Krishna Temple of Dallas are organizing a very special and devotional Father's Day Satsang on Sunday, June 16, 2024. This is no ordinary celebration with flowers or cards, but a divine celebration to acknowledge the amazing graces showered upon the souls. Join us for the special Father's Day Celebration. Participate in blissful kirtans and an opportunity to celebrate this wonderful event.


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Grand Sponsor $2,501
Mukhya Yajman $1,501
Pramukh Yajman $1,001
Yajman $501
Mahaprasad $251
Mukut & Jewelry for Divine Father $151
Garland for Divine Father $101
Fruits and Flowers $75
Chocolates for Divine Father Shri Krishna $51
Aarti and Archana $25
Gift for Divine Father $11

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Fathers Day Celebration