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Essence of Hinduism


Learn Engage Assimilate Flourish (LEAF) Program for Inner Growth Presents Essence of Hinduism - Online Book Club !!

We will be following the Essence of Hinduism Book by Swami Mukundananda.

 “As our beloved Swami Mukulandaji said, human life comes after several rebirths and if we humans don’t understand the meaning of this life then it is no different than animal life. Most of the humans are living today with the “I” feeling for e.g. I did this, I have this and so so however this “I” feeling which is a sign of ego takes humans away from the supreme realization. Many people have wrong conceptions about Hinduism as a religion however if you look deep into the scriptures, Hinduism is a way of living life i.e. finding the purpose of living life. The Essence of Hinduism course is centered around human aspects such as what is GOD, what is our goal of life, how much important it is to self-effort, why we should surrender to GOD, why we need a spiritual master, how the mind works, The path of Karm, Jnana and Bhakti, why all of these are important for the realization of GOD, how one should develop a relationship with the GOD and finally how one should practice daily devotion. In this course, we will go through each and every aspect step by step and make it a delightful journey to understand how one should lead their life by understanding Essence of Hinduism.”  – Swami Mukundananda


Every Saturday 10 am - 11 am CDT (8:30 am - 9:30 am IST)

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