Radha Krishna Temple Recognizes Dedication and Service of Outstanding Youth

Radha Krishna Temple Inspires Dallas Area Indian Youth to Shine


At the year-end JKYog Winter Bhakti Retreat, JKYog presented its Outstanding Youth Award to Prem Kishnani, a Freshman Lowery Center student from Allen, TX, who has stood out in many ways over the past year.  The award is presented to a youth member of Radha Krishna Temple who has served as an outstanding role model and inspiration for his peers and has on his own initiative consistently and actively volunteered at the temple over the course of the year. 

“You could always see a positive and service oriented attitude, exhibiting leadership qualities, and demonstrating a sincere interest in the well-being of the temple and its members”, described Shreya Bhat, president of Radha Krishna Temple.

“The temple’s holistic offerings encourage youth to get involved, learn and grow, not just in academics and arts, but to explore and understand their inner self, develop spiritual values, and build their future on the solid foundation of Vedic wisdom.  I see children who are raised as an active part of this temple are getting such a head start in their lives”, explained Nalini Joshi, one of the co-coordinators of the Bal-Mukund Character Building Program at the temple. 

Swami Mukundananda, founder of the temple, and world renowned spiritual teacher often cites the Importance of investment in our future generations.  “One of the temple’s cornerstone missions is the youth.  The temple serves as a foundation for their growth and a springboard into their positive personal development”, noted Swamiji.  “Having this temple as a second home offers youth a firm and unique groundedness in life’s highest ideals.  The superb learning opportunities at the temple can position these youth for the maximum life achievement, success and happiness”, he explained.

The variety of high quality programs for DFW area desi youth are already running at the temple and there are yet more coming in the near future.  “The best gift a parent can give their child is letting the temple become that 2nd home.  There’s no better 2nd home than this temple– one that will give them the tools they need to thrive and realize their full potential,” shared Kalyani Vishwanath, one of the elders, a grandmother, who regularly comes to the temple.   

Parents start to see the benefit and the deeply beneficial effect the association has on their children from the onset.  However, one member of the congregation highlighted the fact that the impact will last beyond this lifetime.  “My oldest is already midway through college.  When kids are older life challenges get more stressful”, shared Tripti Golwalkar, a mother of 2 whose family has been involved with the temple for several years.  “I’m grateful this temple is a place where my kids can turn to not only to celebrate the milestones of achievement in their life, but where they can find peace and strength in difficult times. That combined with so much support and positive reinforcement they receive from a community based on the rich Vedic values, culture and heritage cannot be replicated anywhere else,” she remarked.  “It’s simply priceless and will stay with them forever!”

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