Youth Empower the Youth at the Radha Krishna Temple of Dallas


As a part of its well-rounded youth development programs, JKYog youth club, a branch of the Radha Krishna Temple of Dallas, held a Youth Empower Youth session at Davis library on 30 July 2016. The program was to help the middle and high school students and their parents understand the college admission process better, guide them with tips and shortcuts, to simplify the procedure, and make this journey easier.

A panel of three youths pursuing undergrad courses in reputed Ivy League colleges and a professor from UTD shared their tips on how to get into any college of  choice, the prerequisites, preparation, and the mindset required to do so. The exceptionally bright panelists covered all the essential topics – GPA, SAT/ACT preparation and scores, essay writing, recommendation letters, the percentage of match, safety schools to apply for, and the tips to ensure the highest possible chance for admission into a college of one’s choice. On several occasions during the session, the audience experienced a light-bulb moment, thus getting many pointers that they had never thought of before.

The panelists were very inspiring and engaging, giving some excellent examples, demos, and personal stories. They were all very dynamic speakers, and engaged the audience throughout the talk. At every point, the audience was kept equally involved, making the sessions very interactive. Question-and-answer sessions were held at regular intervals, which helped clear doubts.

Overall, every participant walked out of the workshop feeling confident and well equipped to navigate through the tough world of college application process, and eager to put to use all the strategies learnt during the session.

The Radha Krishna Temple of Dallas succeeded yet again in empowering the youth by holding a session about such an important yet confusing topic, and educating them about the easy navigation process.