Sanskriti 2019 Showcases Amazing Local Talent and Rich Indian Culture

Local Talent and Rich Indian Culture

FUSION OF LOCAL DFW TALENT & RICH INDIAN CULTURE Who says you need famous actors to attract a big crowd and create a sensation? Sanskriti 2019 demonstrated how tremendous and amazing our local talent is right here in our own local community.  Gathering that talent and sharing it together made Sanskriti a deeply enriching experience for not only the contestants, but the greater community.

If you would have spent the entirety of the 2 days attending Sanskriti on February 1st and 2nd, you would have found yourself wandering from room to room catching glimpses of a phenomenal conglomeration of talent …. enough to inspire you all the year long till next year’s Sanskriti!

HUNDREDS OF ENTRANTS IN OVER 30 CONTESTS Over 500 contestants participated over the course of 2 days of competition in over in over 30 categories of both traditional and modern arts and crafts.  Multiple simultaneous competitions took place all day.   Spectators experienced Asian Indian traditions and culture from all regions of India through colorful and energetic dance performances, traditional singing and instrumentals. Additionally oratory, drawing, painting, craft competitions, and tournaments in carom and chess added masala or spice to the experience of the Asian Indian cultural extravaganza.

FULL OF THRILLS OF SUSPENSE, ENTERTAINMENT & COMPETITION Seeing last minute rehearsals, faces of anxiousness and anticipation, and the focus and concentration of last minute rehearsals, filled the halls with the sense of reaching for the best.  All eyes feasted on the ornate costumes, many that took months of preparation, and the detailed intricate make up that look like it took hours to put on. 

QUALITY JUDGES & EVALUATION CRITERIA Most of the talented competitors set the bar high for themselves on their own.  Over 30 judges, highly qualified in their fields, evaluated all the entries and performances.   Despite stringent judging criteria and high level of competition in each category, every participant in Sanskriti went home with an award.  Parents and audience sat in suspense mesmorized and entertained,  while the contestants awaited their turn with great anticipation – wherever you went, you could feel the thrill of both entertainment and competition.

ALLEN MAYOR AND OTHER DISTINGUISHED LEADERS TAKE PART Distinguished community leaders also added their touch to making Sanskriti a great success.  Honorable Mayor of the City of Allen, Stephen Terrell, attended Sanskriti and presented awards along with former Allen ISD Trustee, Dr. E.T. Boon, FunAsia CMO/Radio Caravan CEO, Shabnam Modgil, and temple donor Dr. Nick Shroff.  Mayor Terrell presented a proclamation declaring February 2nd 2019 “Sanskriti Day” in the city of Allen, TX.  He expressed gratitude “for helping make Allen such a diverse and vibrant community”. 

A PLATFORM FOR THE PURSUIT OF EXCELLENCE Over the course of 2 days nearly two thousand people attended Sanskriti 2019, according to JKYog/RKT President Shreya Bhat.  “Sanskriti is a word from the ancient Sanksrit language that means “culture”.  This annual event serves as a platform for people to pursue excellence and share their culture and tradition with the greater community”.

AWARD CEREMONY & DINNER RECOGNIZING WINNERS Sanskriti 2019 ended with the awards ceremony and dinner. Event participants and their families celebrated the work and practice that went on for months. Everyone who partook in Sanskriti gained insight and inspiration from such a vast display of talent.

Never too early to start planning for Sanskriti 2020!

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