Happy Pongal/Sankranti From Radha Krishna Temple of Dallas


A very happy Pongal/Makar Sankranti from Radha Krishna temple of Dallas. The Sankranti day marks the end of the glorious Margazhi/Margasheera month ( Dec 16th – Jan 13th)  as per the Hindu calendar and a start of new month. The month of Margazhi/Margasheera is very auspicious to Andal, the reincarnation of Bhooma devi (the mother earth) , the youngest of the Azhwar , the only girl among the 12 Azhwars who started the Bhakthi movement in southern India.

Early life of Goda and how she came to be known as Andal.

Just as Sita devi, Andal was found under the Tulsi plant in Shreevilliputhur by Vishnuchittar (periya Azhwar , the 6th Azhwar among the 12) . She was named Goda/Kothai by her parents. She was an argdent devotee of Shree Krishna  and wanted to marry HIM. Her Love for the Lord was so intense that she used to adorn the garlands made by her father for the Lord of Shreevilliputhur to see if she is a good match for the Lord. One Day her father caught her adorning the garland made for the Lord, chided her and did not offer that garland to the Lord. The Lord came in periya Azhwars dream and told him that He loves the garland worn by GODA and instructed him that He will receive garlands every day after its worn by GODA. PeriyaAzhwar was speecless and Goda came to be called as Andal (the one who ruled over the Lord).

Aandal teaching and our own Vrindavan in Radha Krishna temple of Dallas

Andal’s Love for Krishna was very intense and she longed to get married to Him. She wanted to observe the same vrat that gopikas did, to get Krishna as her soul beloved. She saw Shreevilliputhur as Vrindavan, the Lord of the temple Vatapatra Sai as Shree Krishna, all her friends  and herself as the gopikas and the pushkarini (lake) in Shreevilliputhur as Yamuna. She made Shreevilliputhur as Vrindavan and started living with Shree Krishna. She expresses this through various compositions in praise of the Lord.

Just as this, Radha Krishna temple of Dallas has created a beautiful Vrindavan in the city of Allen and is calling out to each and every one of us to make this temple as our own Vrindavan and rejoice in the presence of Shree Radha Krishna right here in Allen and enjoy the bliss of this association, through Pujas, satsangs, spiritual discourses, offering bhog to Radha and Krishna, participating in various cultural, spiritual and religious activities conducted by the  temple and thus, always be in HIS grace and attain their divine love. Volunteers work tirelessly in the service of Radha Krishna to keep this Vrindavan beautiful and offer varieties of programs and cultural activities to choose from to enjoy Shree Radha Krishna in their own way, at their own pace for all ages.

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