Frisco Bal-Mukund Varshik Utsav 2016


They say it takes a village to raise a child; indeed, it takes a strong community and able leaders to build that village. Frisco’s Bal-Mukund Varshik Utsav 2016 was a testament of how such a community works! From the conceptualization of the event to its flawless execution, Varshik Utsav 2106 indeed felt like a grand festival that lasted for many weeks!

The detail-oriented decoration of the theater stage transported the audience – those at the event venue and those watching the live stream – to the times of our revered Ithihasas and Puranas. As Bal-Mukunds arrived in their exquisite costumes, the back stage area filled up with stunning Gods, Goddesses, Sages, Kings, and Queens! After working through many hours of rehearsals for weeks, students geared up for the final presentation. As they were getting ready with their final touch ups, wigs, and stage props, the back stage resounded with their “Om Namah Shivay” chant that calmed their nerves.

The grand presentation began with a remarkable play on the life of Mother Anasuya and the birth of Lord Dattatreya. This was followed by an incredible musical play of Shree Ram Darbar and Lord Hanuman’s devotion to Shree Ram, which swept us away into the Thretha Yug.  The breathtaking musical performance of several awe-inspiring stories from the revered epic, Srimad Mahabharat transported us to Dwapar Yug. They displayed their Hindi conversation skills in a very engaging Hindi skit. Kids also presented soulful bhajans and demonstrated many yogasans and pranayams, with ease.

Their willingness to work through many hours of rehearsals, their eagerness to learn their parts, their impeccable behavior throughout the backstage activities, their readiness to help others, and their poignant presence on the stage was all a testimony of the KRIPALU values that Bal-Mukunds have been learning throughout the year.  They proudly received their awards for all their accomplishments. The evening ended with a wonderful dinner, which everyone enjoyed, while watching bloopers that were recorded during rehearsals!

The coordination that went into the entire event was phenomenal and was the result of teamwork of students, parents, coordinators, and volunteers for many weeks! It brought the entire Bal-Mukund community together for the most important purpose – to inculcate eternal values in children as an investment into the future. Every detail of the event was planned and executed with love.

Radha Krishna Temple congratulates Frisco Bal-Mukund on completing the year 2015-2016 successfully and instilling nobleness in the young minds of the community!