Diwali 2017: Allow the light of generosity to shine bright!

diwali 2017 festival of lights

The festive season is upon us again! The Radha Krishna Temple of Dallas is getting ready to celebrate the 4th annual Diwali Dinner.  For the last three years, the temple existed only in the hearts, minds, and in the efforts of volunteers and devotees. However, this Diwali Dinner 2017 is special, as the temple has sprung out of their sincere prayers and has come into physical existence!

The Radha Krishna Temple is a divine gift to all of us. Living in a land far off from India and raising children in a totally different culture, brings a sense of insecurity to the minds of many. Having a place of worship where one can connect with other likeminded people is priceless. For generations, this temple will serve as the place, our children can go to, in times of their highs and lows. It will be a special place that they can relate to and they can take their children to! The temple will stand tall and strong, long after we are long gone!

For years, Diwali has meant a variety of things for all of us. For some, it’s a special time to enjoy mouthwatering treats and for yet others, a special time to enjoy fireworks with family. For many, it’s time to adorn pretty dresses and fine jewelry. For those living in faraway places, it is an opportunity to reunite with long lost family members and friends. However, for those blessed ones involved in raising this divine abode, Diwali means all of this and much more! It is truly Diwali, when it is time to function from that corner of the heart where selflessness thrives. It is time to allow the light of generosity to illumine not just the lives of the present generation, but the lives of generations to come! It is time for all of us to come together as a community to support the activities of this wonderful temple which in turn will support the emotional and spiritual needs of the thousands.

In a short period of time, the Radha Krishna Temple of Dallas has become the home to a variety of activities for all age groups.  Radha Krishna Temple has ongoing weekly activities such as Sunday special satsang followed by Preeti Bhoj lunch prasadam, Bal Mukund classes for children, Toastmasters public speaking classes for the youth, Yoga classes, Language classes and much more! In order for the temple to thrive and support the community in newer ways, it is important for the community to come together and show their support to the temple. After all, it is a temple for the community, by the community and of the community! We urge you to come in large numbers and participate in the 4th annual Diwali dinner gala on October 14th 2017! Visit Diwali Dinner 2017   to learn about the various exciting plans for evening!