Celebrating Love on Valentine’s Day



On this day of Valentine’s Day, how do we take time to celebrate  love?

First, we can joyously celebrate the highest form of love that Shri Radha Krishna embody – a pure selfless love that is eternal and knows no boundaries. The signature of God’s divine love is imprinted in every part of earthly creation and is the spark that warms every heart.

Let us also celebrate the unfathomable amount of love that has come together from so many kind, generous and giving people who have in one way or another contributed to the temple.  Their seva has helped make   this  temple  a sanctuary of love where everyone can add their own droplets of love in their own unique ways.

Some contribute in their silent support by donating anonymously in hundi , others by sponsoring mahaprasad or fruits and flowers for the altar. Others contribute their time to lovingly make beautiful malas from dozens of fresh fragrant flowers or  ornately decorate the altars and temple. Still others are offering their talents for teaching classes as a service to the temple, organizing programs and festivals, giving of themselves and their resources to enrich the lives of the greater community.

The love flows from many into this beautiful temple. Some of that love may be very visible and some of that love flows behind the scenes. Those who give their time without recognition should also be celebrated this Valentines Day.

One such place is the temple kitchen. Those volunteers are mostly in the back room on their feet cooking silent and unseen by most. However, these people are pouring their love and devotion into the food they prepare — the food manifests their devotion to the Lord and their desire to serve those who desire the company of the Lord