2019 Diwali Gala Lights Up Dallas RKT Community



Radha Krishna Temple’s 2019 magnificent and well-organized annual Diwali Gala Dinner celebration lit up the Dallas area Indian community.   The grandest celebration of the temple is not only about celebrating Diwali each year, but is a once a year event to celebrate all the accomplishments of the temple — it’s extensive outreach to the DFW area community from charitable efforts, a myriad of celebrations to the quality educational and inspirational programs offered throughout the year.   

This year’s jubilant Radha Krishna Temple Diwali Gala Celebrations took place in the spacious and festively decorated event hall at the Allen High School in Allen, TX.  turned out to be a truly unforgettable experience. From the word go the festive and joyous mood was palpable. The five-hour event seemed to fly past fast.

After a hour of meet and greet session that included spicy, tangy and crunchy Indian appetizers and soft drinks to tantalize the taste buds, the cultural extravaganza ensued which was truly a visual treat.

The line up of entertainment included:

  • A heartwarming performance of young children from Radha Krishna Temple Bal Mukund classes  — The youngsters carried the message of “unity in Diversity” to the audience. The hard work of the Bal Mukund team could be seen in the choreography and the well-coordinated performance of these young children.
  • A tribute to Ma Durga choregraphed by Guru Gowri Ramaswamy — The young dancers of her dance school beautifully depicted Goddess Durga with their perfect geometric formations.
  • An enthralling presentation of Indian classical dance forms of Kathak by Ms. Rinku Bhattacharya Das and Bharatanatyam by Ms. Vanitha, MD  — The dancers presented a creative spin off to a Bollywood song through a fusion of the two dance forms. This was a beautiful depiction of the centuries old connection between spirituality and Indian culture.
  • A Yoga dance by seniors of the community consisting of Dr Nick Shroff and his group — They brought out the importance of yoga across different stages of life span development specially for people with varying physical abilities and need.
  • The Divine message of His Holiness Swami Mukundananda, the founder of The Radha Krishna Temple  — Swamiji, a world renowned teacher of spirituality, yoga, meditation, graciously delivered the keynote address. It was indeed an exhilarating experience, as always, to listen to Swamiji’s divine wisdom and understand his simple yet profound message for the evening that “It is in giving that we receive”.

The celebratory mood was further enhanced by the dinner banquet that consisted of a wide range of main course along with side dishes and delectable desserts. Live Bollywood Music by artists of Om Entertainment kept up the energetic ambience till the end of the evening.

Many thanks to all who attended and gave generously donated their time, money, resources, to making the event possible.  The donations and proceeds will go to pay off temple loan. 

Check out a few glimpses of the exuberant 2019 Radha Krishna Temple Diwali celebrations lighting up faces, hearts, and inspiring the greater Dallas community on the temple’s Facebook page and also on YouTube below.