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Dallas YogaFest 2023

Celebrating Health, Harmony, and Eco-friendliness on International Yoga Day

Dallas YogaFest is a large-scale high-visibility regional yoga festival, unique and unparalleled in the Dallas area! Plus an Integrated Sustainability Summit for the First Time! The Radha Krishna Temple of Dallas (Allen) commemorate International Yoga Day celebration through the most exclusive Dallas YogaFest 2023. This year, a new feature has been added to the annual flagship event – the Sustainability Summit.

This is a free 3-day in-person event from June 16 to 18, 2023. Dallas YogaFest will be your personal guide to holistic health and happiness featuring 30+ hours of sessions by authorities in the fields of yoga, meditation, internal medicine, heart health, alternative medicine, nutrition and holistic health! Become a part of an unprecedented gathering of enthusiasts to unite yogis of various cultures together in one family, bound by increased consciousness and internal healing, one person at a time.

About Us

The annual DALLAS YOGAFEST spreads physical, mental and spiritual well-being worldwide bringing together modern science and ancient Yoga. It is a FREE event.

DALLAS YOGAFEST features talks from doyens in the world of Yoga/Ayurveda/alternative-integrative medicine and a variety of Yogic, meditation, pranayama sessions by inspiring instructors for people from all walks of life. The positive impact of this annual festival on the international community in sustaining Yogic traditions and bringing innovative ways of incorporating a Yogic lifestyle in daily life, is tremendous. "A true Yogic practice addresses all aspects of our personality. The Vedas say that we are not just a bunch of chemicals called this body. Our personality has got five sheaths or layers to it. Any disease then needs to be tackled in all these five layers. Yoga means Union of the individual consciousness with the Supreme Consciousness. When that Yog happens, everything in your personality will become aligned to give you good health at the physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual levels," - Swami Mukundananda, Founder of the yogic system, "Yoga for the Body, Mind, and Soul"

  • Connect with a worldwide community of Yogis and inspiring instructors.
  • Experience inner bliss and joy in every situation.
  • Transform your life with Yoga!
  • Help make the world a healthier and happier place!
  • Give yourself and your dear ones the #GiftOfWellness!

Event Schedule

  • Day 01

    Fry, 16 June

  • Day 02

    Sat, 17 June

  • Day 03

    Sun, 18 June

Yoga Room

06:00 PM Opening Ceremony with Swami Mukundananda
06:45 PM Inspiration to Yoga
07:15 PM

Sakthi Palani Gounder - Sustainability Summit Welcome

07:30 PM

Exploring the Path to a Sustainable Lifestyle: A Panel Discussion with Swami Mukundananda, Preetha Prabhakar, Dr. Raghavan Ramanan, Meghna Tare

Yoga Room

07:00 AM Sunrise Yoga for Flexibility & Longevity
08:00 AM Yoga Flow for Focus & Concentration
09:00 AM Yoga for Strength & Stamina
10:00 AM Family Yoga, Pranayam & Meditation
11:00 AM Yoga for Balance, Strength & Flexibility
12:00 PM Yoga: Embodied Glow by Taylor
01:00 PM

Keynote by Swami Mukundananda : Yoga Beyond the Mat: Harmonizing the Mind, Body, and Soul

03:30 PM Ashtanga Fundamental
04:30 PM Yoga for Children with Special Needs & Their Parents
06:00 PM Yoga Concert

Pranayama & Meditation Room

08:30 AM Yoga & Pranayama
09:15 AM Face Yoga & Laughter
10:30 AM Science of Yoga
11:30 AM Vinyasa Flow
02:30 PM Pranayama: Ayurveda Breathing
03:15 PM Traditional Ashtanga Pranayama & Meditation
04:00 PM Art & Science of Breathing - Optimize, Relax & Recharge
05:00 PM Fun-filled, Energizing Chair Yoga for All

Wellness Room

10:00 AM Seminar - Heart Health
11:00 AM Seminar - Diabetic Prevention & Mgmt
11:45 AM Seminar - Neurology / Diet
2:30 PM Seminar - Yoga and Sleep
3:15 PM Healthy Juice Making
4:00 PM Yoga Anatomy
04:45 PM Pain Management through Ayurveda

Health Fair

9:00 AM - 12:30 PM Health Fair

Fitness Room

04:00 PM Self Defence
05:00 PM Bolly x Dance

Yoga Room

07:00 AM 108 Surya Namaskar - Outdoor
08:30 AM Yoga Nidra or Subtle Body Relaxation - Outdoor
09:00 AM Sustainability Displays Set up time
11:00 AM Displays - Sustainability & Cooking Contest & Judging
2:00 PM Keynote by Sakthi Palani Gounder on World of Sustainability
2:30 PM Awards & Concluding Remarks

Prayer Hall

10:30 AM

Special Satsang with Swami Mukundananda

Special Sessions with Swami Mukundananda

• Senior Disciple of Jagadguru Shri Kripaluji Maharaj

• Global Spiritual Leader

• IIT/IM Alumnus & Best selling Author

• Authority on Mind Management

• Vedic Scholar and Bhakti Saint

• Founder of JKYog

Fri, Jun 16th 06:00 PM Dallas YogaFest Opening Ceremony with Swami Mukundananda
Fri, Jun 16th 07:15 PM Panel Discussion with Swami Mukundananda
Sat, 17th June 1:00 PM Keynote by Swami Mukundananda
Sun, 18th June 10:30 AM Father's Day Special Satsang with Swamiji (Both In-Person and Online)

Distinguished Speakers & Expert Yoga Instructors

Dr Sunil Thummala

Topic: Neurologist

Dr Anand Rohatgi

Topic: Caridology and South Asian heart Study

Dr. Smita Mehta

Topic: Yoga for children with special needs and their parents

Piyush Verma

Topic: Yoga Anatomy

Dr. Nick Shroff

Topic: Art & Science of Breathing - Optimize, Relax & Recharge

Yoga Instructors

Dallas Yoga Fest is honored to welcome some of the most inspiring experts in the fields of Yoga and Ayurveda who have transformed the Yoga and wellness landscape in recent times. Tap into the healing power of the body and learn the secrets of holistic wellness, diet, and natural remedies.


Yoga instructor

Taylor Wirht

Yoga Instructor


Yoga Instructor


Yoga Instructor


Yoga Instructor


Yoga Instructor


Yoga Instructor

Marika Torok

Yoga Instructor


Bollyx Dance Instructor


Bollyx Dance Instructor

Exploring the Path to a Sustainable Lifestyle: A Panel Discussion

SUSTAINABILITY SUMMIT to raise awareness about incorporating sustainable practices into our daily lives. This event aims to educate and inspire attendees to make environmentally conscious choices that contribute to a greener future.

Panel Discussion, "Exploring the Path to a Sustainable Lifestyle," is a significant step toward raising awareness, fostering collaboration, and empowering individuals to embrace sustainable practices in our community.

Raising Awareness: The panel discussion will emphasize the importance of raising awareness about sustainable living practices, including energy conservation, waste reduction, water conservation, responsible consumption, healthy eating, Yoga & Meditation, the role of sustainable agriculture, local food production, and conscious consumption in minimizing environmental impact and promoting healthier lifestyles, etc. The panel will address the 3 different aspects of SUSTAINABILITY that are interconnected and essential for achieving long-term environmental, social, and economic balance.

Sustainability Summit
Sustainability Summit
Sustainability Summit

Sustainability Contest

Students from elementary to High school will be competing in a sustainability contest to showcase innovative solutions and green technologies that can be implemented in various aspects of daily life, from energy-efficient appliances to sustainable transportation options.

Goal to empower the young generation to embrace sustainability practices. What does sustainability mean to you? Tell us through your special talents! Participant can focus on up-cycling projects, eco-friendly activities, water conservation, energy-efficient appliances, sustainable transportation options, etc. related to caring for our environment.

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Healthy Cooking Contest

for families & individuals promoting sustainability, raising awareness about conscious consumption, and inspiring individuals to adopt more environmentally friendly cooking practices in their daily lives. Highlighting healthy and sustainable food choices can help generate awareness about food choices that are better for personal and planetary health.

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Checkout the video! Learn more about the DYF & Sustainability Summit!

Free Health Fair

Health Fair will be held on Saturday June 17th 2023 from 9:00 AM - 12:30 PM.

Venue: Radha Krishna Temple Allen Texas. We will be offering extensive menu of testing and consults including:

  • Free service: Vitals, EKG, HgA1C for diabetic patients, Medical Consults.
  • Plus Bone Marrow Registrations & Mammograms registrations.
  • Specialists in the following areas: Cardiology. Family Practice.Internal Medicine
  • Help make the world a healthier and happier place!
  • Give yourself and your dear ones the #GiftOfWellness!

Instrumental Concert
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Shantanu Bhattacharya

Shantanu Bhattacharya started playing tabla at the age of twelve, with the aim of giving his mother Ruchira Bhattacharya theka, from Harshad Trivedi of Oklahoma City. Soon after he started learning from Shyam Parihar of Cincinatti, a senior disciple of Ustad Tari Khan, who he continues to receive talim from today. In 2005 Shantanu became a formal disciple of Ustad Tari Khan, one of the leading exponents of the instrument. He has performed across the US and in the UK across various genres. He regularly accompanies traveling artists from the Indian subcontinent including Pt. Santanu Banerjee, Pt. Viney Bhide, Indrajit Bannerjee, Anup Barua, Ruchira Bhattacharya, and Ustad Tari Khan among others. He continues to accompany his mother, various artists resident in the US, Shantanu runs Taritabla school of music in Dallas and has been teaching tabla in Dallas for the last fifteen years. He has been a board member and volunteer since 2003, with the Indian Classical Music Circle of Dallas Fort Worth ( Shantanu serves as the EVP for Red Stone Resources and affiliated companies.

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Matt has sang and played instruments since the age of 5 and pursued a career in music steeped in both performance and music education. He earned a bachelors degree in percussion from Cameron University and Master in jazz vocal from University of North Texas. He has worked across genres for over 30 year and worked with acclaimed jazz artists like Vinnie Colaiuta. Matt happened upon Hindustani classical music in his teens and studied sitar under sitar maestro Ustad Imrat Khan and eventually became a disciple of Ustad Tari Khan. He has applied his talents and education across genres on a regular basis, including working with Abhit Pohankar of Piya Bawari and Ustad Tari Khan. Matt was also founder of Neighbor Arts and Music School (NAMS) an established music school in Frisco Tx and is currently Music Director at Imagine International Academy of North Texas .

Market Place - Call for Vendors: Biggest Wellness Expo! 

Join dozens of vendors at DALLAS YOGAFEST and share your organization or business in an indoor marketplace. Gain in-person access to health-conscious consumers who are interested in and focused on yoga and holistic health. Please click here for an overview of the event.


Booth arrangements and details will be provided a few days before the event.

  • Booth space: Multiple types available.  Click Here

  • Vendors will bring a necessary table, chairs, covers and skirts.

  • Limited spots are available. 

VENDOR APPLICATION Once we receive your application it will be reviewed. If we feel you are an appropriate fit for the festival, we will send you instructions for making the payment. Spots are not guaranteed until your application is accepted and full payment is received. Please do not make payments until your application has been approved. Please submit a vendor application here.

Apply for Vendor Booth



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Sustainability Summit Partner

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