Vishnu Sahasranam

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Vishnu Sahasranam

The list of the thousand names of the Lord Vishnu is referred to as Vishnu Sahasranam (wherein 'Sahasra' means thousand and 'nam' means name). It is a part of the Anushasan Parva of the great ancient Indian epic - The Mahabharata. The Vishnu Sahasranam was told by the great warrior Bhishma lying on the bed of arrows to clarify the doubts of the king Yudhishthir.

Chanting the Lord's names has always been glorified by the scriptures and the saints - since the Lord Himself resides on His names. We are going to recite Vishnu Sahasranam on every Saturday in the Radha Krishna Temple starting from 4th June.





Every Saturday
9:30 AM - 10:30 AM CDT



Radha Krishna Temple
1450 N Watters Rd, Allen TX 75013

We would encourage everyone to participate in person to relish the devotional atmosphere of the temple. But you can take part virtually too from the comfort of your home. Register Now to receive joining details.

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