14 Feb 2019

Celebrating Love on Valentine’s Day

On this day of Valentine’s Day, how do we take time to celebrate  love?

First, we can joyously celebrate the highest form of love that Shri Radha Krishna embody – a pure…

12 Jul 2018

Srimad Bhagavatham: Coming to Allen!

Either having born in India or born and raised in an Indian family here in US, we have heard the stories of Shree Krishna, Shree Ram, or other forms of the Lord all our life. Therefore,…

08 Mar 2018

Celebrate Holi with the Divine Colors of Shree Radha Krishna

As we prepare for the upcoming Dallas Holi Fest, let us dwell on how to color our minds in the divine colors of Shree Radha Krishna. Among  the various avatars that the Lord took out of His…

04 Mar 2018

Getting Ready to Welcome Shree Ram

As Shree Ram Navami fast approches, Radha Krishna Temple is getting ready to welcome Shree Ram! We started the month of March with one of the greatest epics of all times, Shree Ramayan. The…

23 Feb 2018

Akhand Ramayan at Radha Krishna Temple

Shree Goswami Tulsidas  was a 15th century realized soul and saint, poet, often called reformer and philosopher renowned for his devotion to Lord Shree Ram. Tulsidas Maharaj wrote several…

22 Feb 2018

Dallas HoliFest: Permanent Color of Devotion

Dallas HoliFest 2018  is fast approaching and preparations are going on in full swing towards making this event a grand success! At this time when each one of us is caught up with the pomp…