14 Feb 2019

Celebrating Love on Valentine’s Day

On this day of Valentine’s Day, how do we take time to celebrate  love?

First, we can joyously celebrate the highest form of love that Shri Radha Krishna embody – a pure…

14 Jan 2018

Happy Pongal/Sankranti From Radha Krishna Temple of Dallas

A very happy Pongal/Makar Sankranti from Radha Krishna temple of Dallas. The Sankranti day marks the end of the glorious Margazhi/Margasheera month ( Dec 16th – Jan 13th)  as per the Hindu…

13 Jan 2018

The Act of Giving is the True Gift

In the Mahabharat, Arjuna, the famed warrior questions his Divine Charioteer, Krishna, about the noblest giver in the land. “Karna is undoubtedly the finest example of generosity in the…

08 Jan 2017

Temple Youth Open Doors For Homeless and Underprivileged Children

Radha Krishna Temple teens opened doors to educational opportunity for homeless and underprivileged youth throughout the DFW Area. Over the past year, temple youth have undertaken a special…

31 May 2015

Radha Krishna Temple Volunteers Help Local Homeless Shelter

Today Radha Krishna Temple of Dallas volunteers sponsored and served a healthy vegetarian dinner at The Samaritan Inn —the largest and leading organization in Collin County helping the…