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                        Issue: 32

                       June 2019
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एतावान् योग आदिष्टो मच्छिष्यैः सनकादिभिः।
सर्वतो मन आकृष्य मयि अद्धाऽवेश्यते यथा॥

etāvān yog ādiṣhṭo machchhiṣhyaiḥ sanakādibhiḥ
sarvato mana ākṛiṣhya mayyaddhāveśhyate yathā
(Bhagavatam 11.13.14)

"True Yog is to remove our mind from all the objects of material attachment, and fix it completely on the Supreme Lord."
From the Editor's Desk
International Day of Yoga is just around the corner!

As you are aware, yoga incorporates the science of healthy and righteous living into our daily life. It works on physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual aspects of an individual. Therefore, it's no surprise a total of 177 nations co-sponsored the resolution, which is the highest number of co-sponsors ever for any United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) resolution, when it proclaimed the International Day of Yoga. So, in this month's issue, we would like to highlight the true meaning and purpose of yoga. 
Either you are a seasoned yoga practitioner or a novice, we would like to draw your attention to Dallas Yoga Fest, the fifth annual flagship festival held by Radha Krishna Temple in honor of the International Day of Yoga. This one-day yoga festival offers an enriching and fun-filled experience for the whole family at no cost. 
We look forward to seeing you at the Dallas Yoga Fest.
Bhakti Ras 
The Enlightening Yoga


There is no such word as 'Yoga' in the Sanskrit language or in the Vedic scriptures; the proper word is 'Yog', which means to unite. It is derived from the root 'yuj', which means to join. The Garuda Purana defines Yog as:
संयोगो योग इत्युक्तो जीवात्मपरमात्मनोः॥
saṁyogo yoga ityukto jīvātmaparamātmanoḥ
"The union of the soul with the Supreme is called Yog."

Yog therefore, is the divine science that has been practiced in India for thousands of years, to yoke the individual soul with the Supreme soul. Among the works on Yog available now, the Yog Darshan of Patanjali is the most ancient one, and it is in the form of sutras. In his Yog Darshan, Patanjali prescribes a graded discipline comprising eight steps, called the astang yog. They are yama (restraint), niyama (observances), asan (posture), pranayam (breath control), pratyahara (state of withdrawal), dharana (concentration), dhyana (meditation), and samadhi (total absorption). Most of the yoga studios in the western world just take the one arm of the yog - asan - and practice it as yoga.

"While the central theme of Yog remains the highest goal of the spiritual path, physical yogic practices enshrined in it give direct and tangible benefits to everyone regardless of their spiritual aims," says H. H. Swami Mukundananda ji. It is indispensable in the present times, as "Yog has proved itself as a panacea by giving a welcome relief to stress-stricken people," he adds.

If practiced regularly and sincerely, Yog helps an individual to connect to one's deepest self at the core and create harmony, well-being, and inner peace. The process is a gradual ascent into the fundamental state of sat-chit-anand, a state that we are meant to be.

The benefit of practicing Yoga leads to a life of happiness, success, fulfillment and inner peace. How does that happen? "Every mental knot has a corresponding physical, muscular knot, and vice versa. Proper combination of asans, pranayam, subtle body relaxation, and meditation tackle these knots, both at the physical and mental levels. As a result of the release of dormant energy, the body becomes full of vitality and strength, the mind becomes light and creative, joyful and balanced," elucidates H. H. Swami Mukundananda ji.
Wellness for Life
Roop Dhyan Meditation - Ease Your Mind on God's Strength
Meditation has innumerable benefits. One of those is its effect on physical health. Most ailments have their roots in the mind. When one harbors hatred, envy, anxiety, 
tension, fear, etc., it disturbs the mental sheath (one of the five sheaths in the body.) This disturbance is then passed on to the pranic sheath, which then manifests in the physical sheath of the body as disease. Meditation on God heals the various ailments of the mind, resulting in the enhancement of vital energy and the improvement of physical health.  
"Mind is the life and soul of the meditation," says Swami Mukundanand ji. Therefore, while meditating, we need to take our mind to God's splendid forms, glorious names, sublime virtues, delightful pastimes, magnificent abodes, or His benevolent saints. 

To learn the method of how to practice Roop Dhyan meditation, see Roop Dhyan Meditation
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Dallas Yoga Fest is BACK !!! 2019 Book your spot now!! FREE EVENT !
Dallas Yoga Fest is BACK !!! 2019 Book your spot now!! FREE EVENT !
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