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Issue: 19   

July 2016
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आचार्यं मां विजानीयान् नावमन्येत कर्हिचित् |
न मर्त्यबुद्ध्यासूयेत सर्वदेवमयो गुरुः ||

āchāryaṁ māṁ vijānīyān nava manyeta karhicit
na martya buddhyā sooyeta sarva deva mayo guruḥ

 Shree Krishna says, "Know the Guru to be Myself. Never think unfavorably about Him. Do not use your material mind to comprehend the Guru's Divine actions, for all forms of God dwell within Him.  (Shrimad Bhagavatam -11.17.27) 
From the Editor's Desk
The arrival of the spring and the Guru is the same - while nature blooms with the coming of the spring, our soul awakens and blossoms with the advent of the Guru in this human life.

All our scriptures have proclaimed the importance of the Guru. Even the all-knowing Supreme Lord, whether He descended as Shree Krishna or Shree Ram, followed the instructions of the Guru.  This leela (pastime) of the Lord is to enlighten us that Guru, a God-realized saint and a personification of love and compassion towards all souls, dispels the darkness of ignorance.

As we celebrate Guru Purnima this month, we seek blessings and pay our obeisance to Hari-Guru, who has enriched our soul and lives.

Bhakti Ras
When We Yearn for God, He Sends Guru to Guide

Goswami Tulsidas in his Ramcharitmanas expounds:

राम कृपा बिनु सुनु खगराई। जानि न जाय राम प्रभुताई।।  
Ram Krupā binu sunu khagrāyi | jāni na jāy Ram Prabhutāyi || 
"Without the grace of Shree Ram, no one can know Him."

Even if God were to appear in front of us, we fail to recognize His divinity. Why is that so? It is because our ignorance has been clouding our mind and intellect over endless lifetimes. However, when we seek Him exclusively, develop intense desire for Him, He illumines our heart by sending a guru into our life. "One of the most magnanimous graces of God is when he brings the soul in contact with a true guru," says Swami Mukundananda. Shabari, the ardent devotee of Shree Ram, was one such blessed soul, whose sincere aspiration for God led her to a true guru.

Shabari was a queen in her previous life. She had a great longing to lead a spiritual life that would take her closer to God, but the royal atmosphere in the palace deprived her from treading on the spiritual path. Therefore, she passionately prayed God for a life where she could immerse her heart in devotion, without any interruption.

In the next life, Shabari took birth in a tribal king family. When she came of age, her father arranged for her marriage, although her heart was not in it. The night before the marriage ceremony, watching the animals that were slaughtered for the banquet, she left home in search of a spiritual guide.  God led her to the Matang rishi's ashram, which was on the banks of Pampa sarovar in Dandaka forest.

She took Matang rishi's teachings to her heart. Listening to him and other munis in the ashram, she realized Shree Ram was the descension of the Supreme Lord. The more she heard of Shree Ram the more her desire grew to see His splendid form. "If only I could have one glance of Shree Ram in this life, my life would be fulfilled," she thought.

Shree Ram did not come immediately; nevertheless, she did not stop waiting for Him. When the time came for Matang rishi to leave the earth, he called Shabari to his side and said, "My child, Shree Ram will come one day, He will give you darshan; do not leave the ashram." Shabari believed her guru's words, with her heart and soul.

Never was she alone in the ashram; God and guru always resided in her heart, directing her every thought. She neither knew how to read Vedas, nor do jap or tap. With Ram naam on her lips and His roop in her heart, she waited, as her guru instructed her to do. Forty long years went by, old age crept upon her, her body drooped, and vision deteriorated, yet her faith in her guru's vani never faded.  That is why, every second of her life became a worship of Shree Ram. It was the exact spiritual life that she longed for over more than one lifetime - an eternal gift that God bestowed upon her through her guru! 
Inspirations for Living
Guru Descends to Help Us Ascend   

Have you heard how an eaglet learns to fly? The mother eagle takes the eaglet to the highest point beyond the eaglet's comfort zone, and then she releases it. As the eaglet falls, the mother swoops down and picks it up again. She does this repeatedly, until the eaglet spreads its wings and gracefully soars high.

Similarly, when we embark on the spiritual path, every time we begin to plummet due to our internal enemies - lust, anger, greed, envy, pride, etc. - a true guru comes down to our level, to awaken our soul and  help us rise. In Treta yug, to transform Ratnakar into Valmiki Maharishi, Narad Devarishi allowed Ratnakar to tie him up to a tree.  

Valmiki Maharishi himself was a compassionate guru. Several disciples resided in his āshram. One night, some objects were stolen in the āshram, and all the disciples knew who the thief was. They went to Valmiki Maharishi and complained. After listening to them, Valmiki Maharishi assured them that he would talk to the disciple who stole the objects. A few days passed by, and another theft happened. Upset with it, the disciples approached Valmiki Maharishi again and requested, "Guru ji, please send the thief away, or else we may have to leave this āshram."

Valmiki Maharishi assembled all his disciples and said, "My dear children, you all are very attentive disciples; you have learnt and realized what is good for you. Therefore, if you leave this āshram now, you can still find a place in another āshram and continue your learning. Where as, the disciple who stole has not yet learned the difference between good and bad. As his guru, I have to teach him that, so I cannot send him away. Hence, I am willing to let all of you go for his sake."  Moved by his guru's empathetic words, the disciple who committed the theft prostrated in front of Valmiki Maharishi and with tears welling up in his eyes promised him that he would never steal in his life. He kept his promise and went on to become one of the best disciples of Valmiki Maharishi.

Such is the kindness of a true guru. On our own, we cannot dispel the ignorance that has separated us from God. Although we desire to, we cannot get rid off the impurities of our heart. Until we attain heart-purity, we cannot attain God. Therefore, our only savior is a God-realized guru. That is why Jagadguru Shree Kripaluji Maharaj elucidated:

गुरु पतितन सों कर प्यार, हरि निर्मल जन को यार |
यह अंतर सुजन विचार, गुरु महिमा अपरम्पार ||
guru patitan so kar pyār, hari nirmal jan ko yār |
yah antar sujan vichār, guru mahimā aparampār ||
"The guru loves destitute souls; God loves the pure-hearted ones.
O good people, think about this difference. The guru's glory knows no limits."
Bal-Mukund: Playground for Vedic Wisdom 
The Power of Shradha (Faith)  
Of all the disciples of Jagadguru Aadi Sankaracharya, Sananda was the one who had an enormous faith and deep devotion for his guru.  He revered his guru so immensely that one day when Sankaracharya beckoned him from the other side of a riverbank, in the blink of an eye, Sananda began to run across the river. A lotus sprang at his every step helping him cross the river. Since that day, he was known as Padmapada (lotus-footed).

Since his childhood, Padmapada was a great devotee of Narasimha Bhagavan and always aspired for His darshan. Noticing that Padmapada's devotion has reached his prime, Sankaracharya one day instructed him to go to the hills in Chenchugudem and perform tap.  Padmapada reached the hills of Chenchugudem and began his penance. Bayanna, the tribal leader of Chenchugudem, heard about Padmapada's arrival. He immediately approached Padmapada humbly, and enquired, "Swamiji, what brings you to this part of the land?"

"I am in search of Narasimha, with lion face and human body," said Padmapada. "Swamiji, I have never seen such an extraordinary form in this forest before," exclaimed Bayanna, but having had great faith in Padmapada's words, he continued, "if he exists, I will tie him up and bring him to you, or else I will give up my life," and left.

With the Narasimha Bhagavan's form imprinted in his heart, Bayanna began his search. He wandered through the hills and valleis, giving up food and sleep for many days. He searched every bush and every cave.  Having not found Him, with great disappointment, he got ready to sacrifice his life.  Seeing the selfless devotion of Bayanna, Narasimha Bhagavan appeared in front of him and allowed Bayanna to tie Him up. Bayanna quickly bound Narasimha Bhagavan with vines and creepers, and took Him to Padmapada!

Such is the power of shradha. While Padmapada could walk on water because of his shradha in his guru, Bayanna's unwavering faith in Padmapada's words helped him attain the darshan of the Lord Himself.

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For the benefit of the community, the Radha Krishna Temple provides abundant opportunities to volunteer and participate in various events. Read the benefits of each of these activities and related sewas for your body, mind and soul.
Weekly Satsangs 
These satsangs engulf a person in the ocean of bhakti through a combination of prayer, chanting soulful bhajans and kirtans, viewing a video lecture by Swamiji or Maharajji, followed by aarti and prasad dinner.  Once a month we also recite Vishnu Sahasranama.  God's names are no different from Himself.  Every name in Vishnu Sahasranama (thousand names of Vishnu) is a drop of nectar.  Whether we chant it or hear it, it gives an immense sense of peace and indescribable solace.

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Toastmasters Gavel Club for Youth
Robert Moment said "Public speaking skills are an essential key to achieving career advancement and success."  Effective communication builds confidence and leadership skills.  This is even more important especially for today's youth who aspire to be the leaders of tomorrow.

The Radha Krishna Temple of Dallas has launched the Toastmaster Gavel Club for aspiring youths who are looking to become the cream of the crop in their future endeavors!  Participating in this club will help to take the panic out of public speaking as well as help become a fluent speaker.  We invite youth between the ages 10-18 years to join the club.

- Toastmasters Gavel Senior Club for high school students 
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These meetings are held every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month.  Check for details on our website at:

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