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September 2015

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क्रुष्ण एव परो देवस्तं ध्यायेत्तं रसयेत्तं यजेत्तं भजेद्

kṛiṣhṇa eva paro devas taṁ dhyāyet taṁ rasayet taṁ yajet taṁ bhajed

"Lord Krishna is the Supreme Lord. Meditate upon Him, relish the bliss of His devotion, and worship Him."
- Gopāl Tāpani Upaniṣhad
From the Editor's Desk

The all-pervading Supreme Lord resides in our heart, playing hide-and-seek. If we can discover Him, we can attain the infinite, eternal bliss. However, our finite mind and intellect cannot realize Him, unless He bestows His grace upon us. He does that on only one condition - nishkām prem (selfless love.)

It is our love for God that "opens the door to the impossible and makes way for the inaccessible," says Swami Mukundananda ji.  When Shree Krishna descended, He bestowed upon us that rare opportunity to fill our heart and mind with that selfless love.
Bhakti Ras
Why Did Shree Krishna Descend?

When Sage Narad came to know that God has descended to earth in Dwapar yug, he went to Nand Baba's palace in Gokul, to have His darshan. When Narad ji reached, what he witnessed there bewildered him. He saw a two-year-old boy tugging on to a middle-aged woman's sari, crying, stamping and flailing his feet, and begging, "Maiya, take me into your lap."

Narad ji, who had gone to have the darshan of God, wondered which one of them - the child or the woman - was God. The soul is the one that usually pleads and begs God, "O Lord, I have fallen into the deep, dark ocean of Maya, please grant me your support and take me into your lap." Since the child was crying and pleading, Narad ji first thought he must be the soul and the woman must be God, but he remembered that God has descended in the male form.  Once this thought came to him, shedding tears and contemplating on how blessed mother Yashoda was, he marveled:
किम् ब्रूमस्त्वाम् यशोदे कति कति सुक्रतक्षेत्र व्रिन्दानि पूर्वम् 
ग़त्वा कीहग्विधनैहि कति कति सुक्रितह् न्यर्जितनि त्वयैव

kim bruumastvaam yashode kathi kathi sukrati kshetre vrindani purvam, 
Gatwaa kiihagvidhanaihi kati kati sukritah nyarjitani twayaiva

"Mother Yashoda, what spiritual practices did you do, that God is yearning to come into your lap? What devotion did you do to attain this exalted position of being his mother?"

Mother Yashoda was blessed to feed Him, bathe Him, and rock Him to sleep. The Purushotham (Supreme Divine Personality,) who measured the three worlds with three steps in Vamana avatar, allowed Yashoda to teach him how to walk. The Sarvavyaapak (All Pervading Lord) allowed her to bind him with a rope! Why does He perform these leelas? Or for that matter, why does He descend?

There are several reasons for His descension, but the most important of all is, as Vyas Bhagavan says:

श्रवणस्मरणार्हाणि करिष्यन्निति केचन
ṣravaṇasmaraṇāhāṇi kariṣyanniti kechana (Bhagavatam - 1.8.35) 

"You descend for the welfare of the suffering souls, giving them a chance to relish the sweetness of devotion by hearing, remembering, and worshiping you."

Out of His causeless mercy and benevolence, He descends in His loving form to nurture love in our hearts. He makes one soul his father, another mother, and another friend, yet another servant or beloved. Hiding His almightiness and bound by the love of these blessed souls, He displays amazing leelas, which become a basis for our bhakti (devotion.)  

When we contemplate on Shree Krishna's glorious names, splendid form, sublime virtues, and delightful pastimes, the joy we attain is boundless. Why is that so? It is because He is an ocean of infinite bliss, and we souls are his tiny parts. Therefore, we are naturally drawn to this bliss, as everything is madhuram (sweet) about the Madhuradhi Pati, the Supreme Lord of Sweetness!

Inspirations for Living
Krishnam Vande Jagadgurum 

When Vasudev sent Shree Krishna to Sandipani Muni's ashram to obtain spiritual knowledge, the all-knowing Supreme Lord resided in the ashram like any other common disciple did. Following the instructions of His guru, He served him with great devotion.  The Sarva Vidyā Pravartak (the originator of knowledge) played the role of an ordinary human disciple for sixty-four days, receiving Vedic knowledge from Sandipani muni, only to set an example of how one needs to be humble and receive the true knowledge from the right source.

Behind His every divine leela, there is a loving instruction for us, but it is hard to discern as we have material intellect. Unless we have the grace of Hari-Guru, we cannot comprehend the leelas that He performed as a child, cowherd, brother, beloved, disciple, messenger, charioteer, warrior, and in myriad other roles. However, the one instruction that is apparent not only in Bhagavad Gita, but also in His leelas is how to remain unaffected by this world. From the moment He descended, no matter what leela He was performing - either playing with gwalaks, or annihilating the demons, or imparting knowledge on the battlefield of Kurukshetra - the sweet, captivating smile never left His radiant face.  That smile, which shelters us from the worldly despair, is His tender directive. The poet, Leelashuka states:

विपुल विलोचनम् किमपि धाम चकास्ति चिरम्॥

madhuratarasmita mritavimugdhamukhamburuham
mada shikhi pinhcha lanhchita manogna kacha prachayam|
vishaya vishamisha grasana gridhnuni cetasi me
vipula vilocanam kimapi dhama cakastaciram||
(Krishna Karnamrutam, 1- 5)

"Let His attractive lotus-like countenance that is more lustrous with His ambrosial smile, and His curling locks decorated with peacock feather that enthralls His devotees, forever shine within my heart, which was tantalized by the sense objects due to separation from Shree Krishna."

Only through such contemplation, we can steer away from Maya, the material world. The gopis are the quintessential example of how we can practice it. They thought of Shree Krishna incessantly. Whether they were milking the cows, churning the butter, picking up the cow dung, cleaning their house, or working in the fields, they were engrossed in His thoughts. So did Arjun, who followed this instruction of Shree Krishna to the letter:

सर्वेषु कालेषु मामनुस्मर युध्य च (sarveṣhu kāleṣhu mām anusmara yudhya cha)
"Always remember me and do your duty of fighting the war"

This is the glaring instruction that our compassionate Jagadguru has given us in Bhagavat Gita and this is what He modeled in His pastimes.
Bal-Mukund: Playground for Vedic Wisdom 
Bala Krishna Showered Joy upon Gokul
One day, a gopi was busy cooking, but every now and then, she was coming out of the kitchen and was checking the butter pot that she had in the courtyard. Although she hung the butter pot high so that the children cannot reach it, she did not know when Krishna, the mischievous butter thief would sneak in with his friends to steal the butter. When she went back for the fourth time to check on her butter, she saw exactly what she was waiting for since that morning. 

The butter pot was on the floor; Krishna and His friends were comfortably seated around the pot. Without making any noise, He was slowly taking out little butterballs with both hands, and was eating while feeding his friends. When the gopi walked out of
the kitchen, all His friends ran away, but Krishna continued relishing the butter, as he could not see the gopi standing behind Him. The gopi, although she knew who he was, she slowly walked close to him and grabbing him by his shoulder she asked, "Who are you?" 
Krishna, without any trace of fear and with a cheeky grin said, "I am the
younger brother of Balaram." The gopi pretending to be upset questioned, "Why are you here?" Krishna, widening his already big lotus eyes said,"Oh, this is not my house? I thought it was" and tried to wiggle his shoulder free from her grasp.

Surprised at his quick-witted answer, and tightening her grip on his shoulder, she asked, "Why did you take down that pot?"

"I lost my murali (flute) this morning; I was searching for it in this pot. Nevertheless, who are you? Why are you pestering me with these questions?" said Krishna freeing himself from her grip, and ran away like the wind.

The gopi stood there disappointed for letting him go so quickly. Bala Krishna was irresistibly beautiful in every way. He was so attractive that everyone in Gokul was drawn to him naturally. His mesmerizing looks, his nectarous smiles, his exuberant boyish pranks, and his hypnotizing flute always filled Gokul with love, laughter, and joy! 

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Community Events

The Radha Krishna Temple of Dallas recently hosted a very successful series of yoga, meditation, and lectures by Swami Mukundananda ji in Frisco, Allen, and Dennison, that deeply touched the community.  These events drew large crowds of all ages from different backgrounds, and inspired many to join the JKYog's local activities in the Dallas metroplex, including the weekly satsangs. 

During the Secrets of Spiritual Sadhana program, Swamiji shed light on the true meaning of bhakti (devotion) and helped us understand our eternal relationship wi
th God.  With the transforming series of lectures on The Art of Mind Management, Swamiji took us on a profound journey into the mind, giving us a sovereign formula on how to attain peace and contentment.

The Labor Day weekend retreat began in a festive mood with the devotio
nal chanting, dancing, and showering baby Krishna with selfless love on the day of Janmashtami. Taking Maharshi Patanjali's Yog Sutras as the central theme for this retreat, Swamiji explained how these sutras provide tools to live our life purposefully.  Swamiji further described how to use the path of sadhan bhakti, yoga, and meditation, to master our mind and attract the grace of God. The outdoors Parikrama with Swamiji is indescribable; it gave us an opportunity to experience the divine bliss, especially while observing Swamiji's state, which reminded many of the almost natkhat leelas of Bal-Gopal.

Upcoming Community Events
Family Picnic and Satsang with Swami Mukundananda

Join us for fun-filled walks, talks, and much more on Saturday, 17 October 2015.  Do not miss this wonderful opportunity to interact with Swamiji and the like-minded devotees of the Radha Krishna Temple of Dallas.  Watch out for more details in the coming weeks at:  
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From weekly satsangs and chanting groups to yoga classes and intellectual discourse, the Radha Krishna Temple of Dallas is already becoming known for its voluntary activities for the benefit the community.

For information regarding each event, time, location and schedule, or your interest in engaging in local activities, please check out the Radha Krishna Temple of Dallas website at  

Weekly Satsangs

These satsangs truly propel one in the ocean of bhakti through a combination of prayer, singing bhajans/kirtans, viewing a video lecture, and followed by arati, and Prasad.    

For local satsang information visit: or [email protected].

Bhagavad Gita
Study Group

Thru: Teleconference
On: 2nd & 4th Wed
8:30 to 9:30 PM 

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Free Community
Yoga Classes

At: 1292 Bossy Boots Dr.
Allen, TX 75013
On: Sat, 9:30 to 4:45 AM

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Vishnu Sahashra
Naam Chanting

At: 4020 Sendero Trail
Plano, TX 75024
On: 1st Sat, 3 to 4 PM

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Wellness for Life
Is the Grass Really Greener on the Other Side? 
 No, not really, we just suffer from this greener-grass syndrome. When we meet those who have less than we do, we feel elated; if we run into someone who has more than we do, we feel dejected. In other words, we are never happy with what we have. In fact, our scriptures say that there is no happiness until all the way up to Brahma lok, the highest abode in this material universe. There is no end to the desires, which always leave us unhappy.

So, is there a cure for this greener-grass syndrome? Yes, there is. The Taittiriya Upanishad states:
रसो वैसः रसं ह्येवायं लब्ध्वानन्दी भवति
raso vai saḥ rasaṁ hyevāyaṁ labdhvā 'nandī bhavati  (2.7.2)
"God is all-bliss. When the soul attains God, it becomes satiated in bliss."

When we understand that our soul is a tiny part of God, and that our Eternal Father has made this world to maintain the body, which allows us to tread on the spiritual path and cultivate devotion, we detach from this world. Since our body is made of the same five elements that this world is made of, the subject of body is the world. Where as the subject of the soul is God, so our real happiness is in God. The material pleasures can never fulfill the spiritual yearning of the soul.

There are two worlds - outer world and inner world. While God created the outer world, we create our inner world. The external world stops tormenting us when we fill our internal world with selfless love for God. Therefore, we need to purify our inner world. How do we do that? Shree Krishna gave us the ultimate medicinal formula for the mind - Karm Yog, to fix our mind in Him while performing our worldly duties. Carry out every task in loving devotion of God. That's when we naturally become indifferent to the material pleasures. "This detachment that comes through devotion is firm and unshakable," says Swami Mukundananda ji.