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Oct-Dec 2015


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"We are formed and molded by our thoughts.  Those whose minds are shaped by selfless thoughts, give joy when they speak or act.  Joy follows them like a shadow that never leaves them."  
- Gautam Buddha 
From the Editor's Desk
As we reflect on the year and what we have learned from Swami Mukundananda ji, our hearts fill with reverence and humility for having learned so many invaluable lessons while acknowledging that there is a long way to go.  In this issue we have taken subtle messages from Swamiji's and Maharajji's teachings and weaved them into stories meant to inspire us all. 

The story, "Who is the Lord Amongst Us?" captures the essence of how our mind takes control of our intellect if we are not able to stay focused in the right direction.  In Bhakti Ras we talk about a few very simple ways to practice sadhan bhakti which will prepare us to better control our mind.  The story for bal-mukunds teaches the important lesson of knowing when and how much to concentrate on the goal and what happens when one loses focus.  Finally, we share some tips for staying healthy during the holiday season by presenting some tips to cut down on belly fat. 

As always, we have provided information on local events to encourage participation from the Radha Krishna Temple of Dallas community.
Bhakti Ras
From Sadhan Bhakti to Siddha Bhakti 

We have all heard Swami Mukundananda say that seeking mukti or liberation will not lead to bhakti or devotion, but seeking bhakti will lead to mukti.  This concept is important for all of us to understand because the pursuit of bhakti is motivated by the desire to please God for His happiness whereas the seekers of mukti appear to be motivated by the desire to liberate oneself from the cycle of life and death.  In other words, this form of desire may be self-serving rather than in the service of God.  Swamiji says that saints who pursue the bhakti path, do so because they believe that purification of the heart will result in receiving the gift of para bhakti from God. 

As individual sadhaks (performers of spiritual practice), we can at best engage in sadhan bhakti or learning to be a devotee.  We learn sadhan bhakti through chanting the Lord's name, meditating on His visual form, and introspecting on His leelas (or past times) with the realization that we humans are as insignificant as a blade of grass.  These sentiments will help us to develop an attachment with God.  This form of attachment is filled with love for God and the desire to serve Him for His happiness.   When we prepare our mind and heart with deep seated devotion, it further helps us to cleanse the impurities accumulated from kleshas (i.e., mental afflictions like greed, anger, envy, pride, lust, and illusion).  Learning to be a sadhak is difficult but Swamiji has given us some practical tips: 
  • Start with the practice of visualization by creating a mental image of God that is appealing to us.  This image should help to focus on the Lord with undivided attention.
  • Surrender to this image as the veritable form of God and chant His name while reflecting on His leelas.  One can reflect on Lord Krishna's familiar childhood leelas or create our own visualizations of welcoming Him into our home.  The quality of devotion is more important than the content of the visualization. 
  • While chanting the Lord's name, contemplate on the knowledge that my physical body is in this material world but the world is not mine.  God alone is mine.
As insignificant souls, we can only practice sadhan bhakti, which in itself is a journey that could last several lifetimes depending on our proclivities and sanskaras.  The highest form of bhakti, which is siddha bhakti, is not attainable through human efforts or even the highest level of devotion.  Siddha bhakti can only be received through the grace of God.  By following sadhan bhakti on a consistent basis with conscious thought, maybe the intensity of devotion will compel God to shower His grace at the level each of us deserves, ultimately leading to siddha bhakti or Divine Love. 
Inspirations for Living
Who is the Lord Amongst Us?    

A long time ago there was a monk, Guru Ramdas, whose teachings had captivated the hearts of many disciples.  New devotees and aspirants of the spiritual path came to visit his ashram every day and many chose this path for betterment of life.  Everybody was happy and enjoying the bliss and oneness with their Guru and God.  The Guru was revered because his mission was to enlighten and teach God Realization to his disciples so they too could experience the divine love of God.

One day suddenly and completely unexpectedly, the Guru did not wake up from his sleep and his body lay in calm and peaceful repose.  His disciples were in shock and grieved for months because they did not know how they would maintain the glories of the ashram that had the footprints of their Guru all over.  Even though another monk named Gopaldas, who was next in line took over the ashram, it was as if the religious order was left without a leader.  There was perpetual sadness and mourning and Guru Ramdas' disciples could not accept Gopaldas as their Guru.  There was internal strife and several disciples felt they were the most accomplished and suitable to be the main Guru of the ashram.  Disputes broke out within the group leading to bitter discussions and soon there was anger and hatred among the members.  Gopaldas was willing to step down but there was no solution for who could be the next Guru and leader.
So Gopaldas and a few disciples of the ashram went to visit another saint in a nearby town.  This saint was well known to Guru Ramdas and he welcomed the disciples to his kutia (hut).  Guru Ramdas' disciples shared their concerns and cried about the fate of the ashram.  The saint heard their sad stories and asked them to go by the river side to pray while he contemplated to find a solution.  When the disciples returned after their prayers, the saint looked at them with wonder and reverence.  The disciples did not know what to make and asked the saint for a solution.  The saint said, "Son, Lord Krishna is residing amongst you in the ashram in his incarnated form.  None of you has identified the Lord because of your own kleshas (mental afflictions).  Go back and remove the impurities from your heart and you will find the Lord amongst yourselves."

The disciples were speechless.  The saint's words kept replaying in their minds.  They returned to the ashram and for a few days closely scrutinized each disciple, devotee and staff, wondering if s/he was the Lord.  A week later, they shared their experience and the saint's words with the other disciples.  This knowledge completely changed the attitude of everyone in the ashram.  Each person thought that the other person might in fact be God, given Lord Krishna's leelas.  They started treating others with love and respect.  They did not want to annoy or displease the God amongst them who would be their next Guru.  In a few months, all the anger and animosity faded away; there was love and harmony in the group.  Instead of nominating themselves, the disciples started nominating others to be the main Guru.  After a short period of time, one disciple was unanimously selected to be the main Guru and leader of the ashram. 

The atmosphere of the ashram started to attract other seekers once again.  Everyone was awed by the thought of coming face-to-face with God.  The feeling of Bhagvatta permeated the ashram and all visitors.  If this is not Lord Krishna's leela, what else could it be? 
Bal-Mukund: Playground for Vedic Wisdom 
The Tortoise who Loved to Talk
There is a popular story from Panchatantra, an ancient collection of Indian stories about animals.  Once upon a time, there were two geese and a tortoise who were good friends that lived near a river.  One summer, due to a severe drought, all the rivers, lakes and ponds became dry.  There was no drinking water for the birds and animals.  Some of them got very sick from dehydration. 

The three friends searched for a source of water but could not find it anywhere.  With no other option left, they decided to go to a distant lake that was alway
s known to be full and settle there forever.  However, there was a problem.  While it was easy for the geese to fly, it was difficult for the tortoise to cover such a long distance on foot.  So the tortoise came up a bright idea.  He said, "Why don't you find a strong stick?  I will hold the stick in the middle with my teeth and you two hold both the ends of the stick in your beaks.  When you fly, I will also be able to travel with you."

Hearing the tortoise's suggestion, the geese told him that his idea was excellent but risky.  They told the tortoise that his
tendency to talk all the time could land him in trouble if he was not careful.  The geese told the tortoise that while flying, he needed to concentrate on keeping the stick in his mouth and control his urge to talk. 
The tortoise assured the geese that he would not to open his mouth during the entire journey.  So the geese held the stick ends in their beaks and the tortoise held the stick in the middle with his teeth.  They started their long journey with the tortoise dangling from the stick.

They flew over hills, valleys, villages, forests until they saw a town below.  As they flew over the town, people ran out of their houses to see this strange sight.  The children began cheering at the bravery of the geese and the tortoise.  The tortoise forgot that he was hanging precariously and wanted to know why the people were clapping.   He said, "Friends......."  But before he could complete the sentence, he realized that he no longer had the stick and was falling down on the ground.  He regretted that he did not follow the advice of his friends.   

Community Events 2015
Reflecting on Special Events with Swamiji   
Spiritual Picnic 
The picnic with Swamiji on October 17th was the most memorable experience ever!  It was the first time that the Radha Krishna Temple organized a spiritual picnic for the community with Swamiji.  From playing cricket and enjoying the sumptuous feast to listening to Swamiji's most captivating lecture followed by parikrama, the devotees could ask for nothing more satisfying than this experience.  It was so magical for children and adults alike - as if everyone was showered with gold dust from heaven.


The Diwali fundraising dinner held on November 6th was a grand success.  The evening seemed to be divine and magical as the earnest devotees, enthusiastic volunteers, and supportive friends and family worked towards a great cause - to facilitate the construction of the Radha Krishna Temple in the city of Allen, TX.  The audience was captivated by Swamiji's lecture and also enjoyed participation in an evening filled with cultural activities.  Review the magical moments of the evening and check out the temple website for more photographs (

New Initiatives

Chennai Relief Fund Drive  
Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu was worst hit due to the recent floods.  Many people lost their home and belongings and were stranded on the road without proper food, water, clothing or shelter.  The city was devastated with broken roads, damaged telephone and electric lines, destroyed property and so much more.  The volunteers of Radha Krishna Temple of Dallas joined hands to show their support towards the Chennai relief efforts.  Devotees gathered together and performed group chanting to send prayers and good wishes to brothers and sisters in Chennai during this difficult time.  Adults and youth of the Radha Krishna Temple community organized a fund raiser at local grocery stores.  It was overwhelming to see the outpouring support from the community and their generous donation towards the cause.  Volunteers felt humbled by the opportunity to do their bit
to help revive the great city to its original glory! The Radha Krishna Temple community continues to pray for the well-being of all Chennaites.

Upcoming Community Events of the
Radha Krishna Temple of Dallas

Little Hands Big Hearts  - Radha Krishna Temple Supports Homeless Children
Through Little Hands Big Hearts, we wish to inspire you to take to heart the plight of needy children in our very own DFW community.  Beginning November 30th, 2015 - the day designated by a United Nations Declaration to raise awareness for children's well-being around the world - Radha Krishna Temple has been collecting essential items for the approximately 48,000 children with nothing more than the clothes on their back.  A small act of kindness from each of us, coming together in support of these disadvantaged children in the DFW area, can make a world of difference in helping these little hands grab hold of a better future.  Collection of essential items will run through February 15, 2016.  All items collected will be given to Hope Supply Company, which supports 50 area organizations in serving homeless children throughout five DFW counties.

We are counting on your big hearts for support!

Please visit for a list of essential items accepted towards donations and to find a drop-off location near you, or if you wish to volunteer, please contact us at [email protected]  
Other Ongoing Community Events
For the benefit of the community, The Radha Krishna temple provides abundant opportunities to volunteer and participate in various events.

Weekly Satsangs

These satsangs truly propel one in the ocean of bhakti through a combination of prayer, singing bhajans/kirtans, viewing a video lecture, and followed by arati, and Prasad.    

For local satsang information visit: or [email protected].

Bhagavad Gita
Study Group

Thru: Teleconference
On: 2nd & 4th Wed
8:30 to 9:30 PM 

 Details & Registration 

Free Community
Yoga Classes

At: 1292 Bossy Boots Dr.
Allen, TX 75013
On: Sat, 9:30 to 4:45 AM

 Details & Registration 

Vishnu Sahashra
Naam Chanting

At: 4020 Sendero Trail
Plano, TX 75024
On: 1st Sat, 3 to 4 PM

 Details & Registration 


'Dollar A Day' - Pledge Continuous Support!


Donate a Dollar a Day towards the building and upkeep of the Radha Krishna temple! By donating just $1 everyday,
you'll help this noble cause!

 How many of us have the opportunity and are fortunate enough to build a house for God?

Set up monthly contributions through credit card/debit card by calling: 860-605-3685 or by visiting temple website at Radha Krishna Temple of Dallas (click).


Wellness for Life
Superfoods to Reduce Belly Fat     
The holiday season often changes our typical routine, increasing access to delicious treats whether at home or elsewhere.  It increases the desire to consume sumptuous foods, take a break from work to relax and frequently pull back from daily exercises.  At such times, as we rest and relax, the belly fat starts accumulating around the midsection.  The belly fat increases the risk of high blood pressure, diabetes and fatty liver disease, not to mention making the figure unattractive.

While the ideal solution to reducing the belly fat is portioning the meals and engaging in physical exercise, certain food choices can also be helpful.  Certain foods actually help reduce the stubborn belly fat.  Here are the top 10 superfoods that have the potential to cut the belly fat:
  1. Almonds:  Almonds contain healthy fats that prevent overeating and help fight against heart disease.  So, keep roasted almonds handy and enjoy them as a snack or in salads or other dishes.
  2. Watermelon:  Watermelon contains 91% water and rich in vitamins B1, B6 and C, as well as potassium and magnesium. It is a great addition to a low-calorie and low-fat diet especially if eaten at the start of a meal.
  3. Beans:  Regular consumption of different types of beans helps reduce body fat, develop muscles and improve the digestion process.  Beans also help to prevent overeating.
  4. Celery:  Celery is extremely low in calories, full of fiber, and contains calcium and vitamin C that aid in weight loss.  Drinking half a glass of celery juice or soup before meals will help cleanse the system.  An additional benefit of celery is that it contains apigenin, a natural compound that reduces the risk of ovarian cancer in women.
  5. Cucumbers: Cucumbers also contain approximately 96% water, tons of minerals, fibers and vitamins, and only about 45 calories.  A plate of cucumber salad daily is effective in cleansing the body of harmful toxins and making the skin look radiant.
  6. Tomatoes:  One large tomato has just 33 calories and helps to reduce lipids in the blood, which in turn helps control belly fat.  This compound also fights chronic diseases associated with obesity.  Additionally, it is a powerful antioxidant that delays wrinkles, fights cancer and reduces cholesterol levels.
  7. Avocado:  Avocados are a source of good fats and help to burn belly fat.  Its rich fiber content helps keep hunger at bay and prevent overeating.  Avocados also have anti-aging, antifungal and antibacterial properties that provide beauty and health benefits.
  8. Apples:  Apples are high in dietary fiber, flavonoids, phytosterol and beta-carotene, which make the belly feel full and prevent overeating.  The natural compound in apples known as pectin aids in weight loss.  In addition, pectin also reduces the risk of colon cancer while the antioxidants and vitamin C help keep the skin wrinkle-free.
  9. Tart Cherries:  These help to lower symptoms of heart disease and metabolic syndrome known to increase the risk of belly fat and diabetes.  Tart cherries reduce cholesterol levels too.  They have antioxidant properties and anti-aging benefits.
  10. Pineapple:  This tropical fruit has anti-inflammatory properties and an enzyme that metabolizes proteins that contribute to a flat tummy.  It decreases abdominal bloating leading to a slimmer waistline.  Plus, it contains vitamins B-6 and C, manganese, thiamine, copper, and fiber that provide a number of health benefits.
Make these superfoods an integral part of the diet especially during the holiday season, to fight the belly fat.  Remember to add daily exercise as well for a slimmer waistline.