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Issue: 6    

March 2015

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मच्चित्ता मद्गतप्राणा बोधयन्त: परस्परम् |
कथयन्तश्च मां नित्यं तुष्यन्ति च रमन्ति च ||    

With their minds fixed on me and their lives surrendered to me, my devotees remain ever contented in me. They derive great satisfaction and bliss in enlightening one another about me, and conversing about my glories. 
Bhagavad Gita Chapter 10, Verse 9

From the Editor's Desk

When we reflect on our rich cultural heritage, it would make us all experience a great sense of pride.  Whether we refer to the incredible feats of historical figures and trail blazers, or how we celebrate festivals, the Indian culture has much to offer and we, as ambassadors need to rejoice the legacy.  Our culture is replete with stories or kathas that underlie sacrifice, devotion and generosity for the good of mankind.

In this issue of Samarpan, we celebrate our rich cultural heritage and exemplify the spirit of generosity in a story where Karna and Arjun are both asked by Lord Krishna to make donations and how the true spirit of giving is reflected in the actions of each of these heroes.  Other heroes from the more recent past in India's history can be found in the struggle for independence and sovereignty.  One such story of the sacrifices made by Rani Laxmibai is featured to commemorate March 8 as the International Women's Day.  A discussion of our cultural legacy cannot be complete without stories and celebrations of the festival of Holi.  We present the legend on Prahlad and how Lord Narayan, a protector of His devotees, is only a thought away and all we need to do is call Him with sincerity.  Above all, we share plans for a safe celebration of Holi and rejoice in the season of divine love, truth, humanity, and harmony with nature. 

Bhakti Ras
Giving is a Form of Seva 

Everyone with Indian roots is familiar with the historical epic, the Mahabharat.  Many might also be knowledgeable about the Karna, the eldest son of Kunti and the Sun God.  Karna was famous for many noteworthy characteristics like a great warrior, a loyal friend, a virtuous man and above all, a philanthropist of the highest caliber.  He was known as "Daanveer Karna" because he never sent anyone empty-handed when they came to him for help or alms.  Readers must also be aware of the deep-rooted animosity and competitiveness between Karna and Arjun, the third of that Pandavas.

One day, prior to the Mahabharat war, Arjun and Shri Krishna were on their way to a small town.  Arjun seemed distracted and asked Shri Krishna a question that had been bothering him for a long time.  Madhusudan, "please tell me why people believe Karna to be a greater philanthropist than me?  I have been so generous to everyone."  Shri Krishna said that Karna's generosity knew no bounds and his donations were unmatched.  Arjun was irritated by the Lord's words so he persisted, "what has Karna done that is more noteworthy than my actions?"  Then Shri Krishna said, "Ok, you can see for yourself."

Shri Krishna used His maya (or illusionary powers) to convert the two close-by mountains into mounds of gold.  He told Arjun to distribute the gold to all the townsmen and ensure that he continued to do so until not even an ounce of gold remained. Arjun thought that this was the easiest task the Lord had ever assigned to him so he went into the town and asked all the people to come to the outskirt by the mountain and get their share of gold. Arjun was very happy when the people stopped by, took their share of gold and praised him for his generosity.  Arjun though that the people's words would surely impress Lord Krishna.  This way he continued to dig shovelfuls of gold from the mountains day and night for several days in a row, giving away a large amount of gold.  However, after a few days of intense labor, Arjun was physically exhausted but the quantity of the gold did not seem to diminish.  He told Lord Krishna that he needed some rest because he could not get himself to accept defeat in this critical mission.

So Lord Krishna beckoned Karna and asked him to do the same, that is, donate every bit of the gold that was in the two huge mountains to the poor villagers and townsmen.  Karna bowed his head to Lord Krishna and then called all the villagers to the mountains.  Karna said, "These two mountains of gold are yours to keep or do whatever you choose."  Then once again he bowed to Lord Krishna and walked away without a second glance.  Arjun was completely flabbergasted at Karna's indifference toward the gold or the people's appreciation and rebuked himself for not doing the same.

Lord Krishna, the knower of all minds and hearts, turned to Arjun and said benevolently, "Arjun, now you know why  Karna is matchless in his generosity.  For Karna, the act of giving was far more important than to whom or how much he was giving away.  He did not care whether people thanked him or not or that he was giving away something of such high value.  Finally, Karna's act of giving away the gold was matched by the purity of his heart and mind as was evident from how he dispassionately walked away after making his statement."  Lord Krishna said further, "Arjun, this is why Karna is considered to be a true Daanveer and a role model for mankind."

As Swami Mukundananda ji says, "If you give something with the expectation of receiving something in return, that is business.  If you give something without expecting anything in return, that is a true form of giving and seva to the society."  This sentiment has also been reiterated by Jagadguru Kripaluji Maharaj who said, "True servants desire only to serve their Master, Shree Krishna.  They consider their Master's happiness as their own."
Inspirations for Living

Remembering the Women in India's Independence Struggle    

The month of March is known for several festivals and events including Holi (March 5), International Women's Day (March 8), and St. Patrick's Day (March 17) to name a few.  Many of us who live in the U.S., often forget the important role of women in the Quit India movement.  Each Independence Day we remember the heroes who were always in the limelight but do not always remember the women whose courage and resilience is often underrated.  This month's e-magazine features a short profile of one of these women, Queen Laxmibai of Jhansi in the honor of International Women's Day.    

The queen of Jhansi, called Rani Laxmibai, was married to Raja (king) Gangadhar Rao, the head of the State of Jhansi.  Upon her husband's death, Rani Laxmibai wanted their adopted son to be the heir of the State but the British did not allow the succession and forcibly annexed Jhansi against the will of the queen and the people. At that time, Dalhousie was the Governor General of India.  The British not only sequestered the state jewels and highly valued art, they ordered the queen to leave the fort of Jhansi and live in the Queen's palace instead.  However, Rani Laxmibai was undeterred and resolved to protect Jhansi.   

In the famous battle in March 1858, the British attacked Jhansi.  The historical images of Rani Laxmibai, dressed as a man, her infant child strapped on her back, the reins of the horse in her mouth, a sword in each of her hands, leading her men to the battle ground, is one of the most poignant images of India's struggle of independence from the British.  She fought the British soldiers valiantly as an equal.  She died a hero's death on the battlefield on June 18, 1858 at the age of 22 years.  Rani Laxmibai is still commemorated for her patriotism, courage, and refusal to surrender to the enemy.  Let us honor her memory this month and muster pride about our heritage and the strong women of India.  

Bal-Mukund: Playground for Vedic Wisdom 

The Legend of Lord Narayan and Prahlad

Prahlad was a very steadfast devotee of Lord Narayan even though he was the son of the demon king Hiranyakashyap, the mortal enemy of the Lord.  In spite of repeated attempts on his life, Prahlad refused to stop worshipping Lord Narayan and chanting His name every waking moment. Each time Hiranyakashyap tried to kill his own son Prahlad, Lord Narayan always intervened and protected his life.   

In a last ditch attempt to kill Prahlad, Hiranyakashyap approached his sister Holika for help.  She was blessed with the power to resist burning by fire.  She talked Prahlad into sitting on her lap as she seated herself on a pyre.  During the entire time, Prahlad kept chanting "Om Namah Narayan" with his eyes closed and mind in meditation.  Because of Holika's evil intentions, it was she whose body turned into ashes while Prahlad was left unscathed.  

To this day, Holi is celebrated as a festival of victory of good over evil and a testament to God's protection for His ardent devotees.  


Holi Hangama
Immerse yourselves in the festive spirit by splashing dry, wet, natural, and vibrant colors while dancing to the music by DJ Manish and Dholi TK.  

Melodious and Enchanting Kirtans

Holi Keynote Address by Swami Mukundananda

Delicious Indian Cuisine (to be purchased)

Splashing of Natural & Vibrant Colors

If you still want more fun, participate in games including Bounce House, a 47-feet long inflatable obstacle course/slide and much more await you and your family! 

Come join us!  


Sunday, 22nd March, 2015 

11:00 am - 4:00 pm

The Radha Krishna Temple Site*
1450 N Watters Rd, Allen, TX 75013

*Temple site is situated on 3.2 acres of ground & ample parking spots are available

Finally, have you heard about the 

Holi contest?

Capture Your Best 

Photo Shot at RKT Holi

At this Holi celebration, everyone can participate in a contest for capturing the best photograph.  Bring your camera or cell phone and take your best shot of people playing Holi.  Send your picture to us at [email protected] to enter the contest and possibly win a prize.  

Community Event Updates

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Weekly Satsangs

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Bhagavad Gita
Study Group

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Free Community
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Vishnu Sahashra
Naam Chanting

At: 4020 Sendero Trail
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 It also offers abundant opportunities to volunteer and participate in various events to uplift self and others. Do you have special talents like writing, singing, engaging in discourse or any other? Think of the Radha Krishna Temple of Dallas as the avenue for expressing your talents. We do not need to wait for the construction to be completed to increase our involvement in various activities.


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Wellness for Life

Holi Safety Tips for you and your Family

Playing Holi with dry and wet colors can be a lot of fun if done right.  In other words, like many other festivals, there are some spoken and unspoken rules that everyone should attend to ensure that the celebration is enjoyable for all.  Here are a few pointers especially for children and youth:

  • Wear clothes that can be discarded if necessary and cover as much of your body as you can to avoid irritation to the skin.

  • Close your eyes for protection when someone throws colors at you.

  • Feel free to cover your head with a scalp cap or cloth if you wish.

  • Avoid washing your face or hair each time you get clobbered with color because this may end up irritating your skin even more.  Take a lukewarm bath after the celebration is all done.  

  • Avoid coloring people who are not interested in playing.  There could be many reasons for not playing including health or social issues.  Respect people's choices.  

  • Play Holi in the true spirit of fun and festivity where good wins over evil.