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April 2015

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The Earth Laughs in Flowers.  


-Ralph Waldo Emerson  

From the Editor's Desk

Spring has arrived in Texas, bringing gorgeous spectrum of colors with it.  Miles and miles of breathtaking blue bonnets remind us of Radha Rani's blazing blue saree; the sprinkled butter cup patches her dainty pink veil.  The drifting dark cloud, with golden sunlight lining, paints the picture of captivating Shree Krishna gliding in his luminous pitambar.

How incredible is Mother Nature - the huge tree hidden in a seed, the sweet fruit hidden in a flower, the varicolored butterfly hidden in a cocoon, the divine music hidden in bamboo.


Abundant vitality is hidden in God's creation! "His material energy that composes this world is amazingly complex and fathomless," says Swami Mukundananda ji. Therefore, when you wake up to the warm sun light or fall asleep to the cool breeze, think of God.  


This month, we honor Mother Earth. 

Bhakti Ras
Creation is Sweet, Our Creator is Sweeter   

When we step out into the open at the end of a busy day, and take one look at the blue sky, the lush green trees, or the bright flowers, we feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Is there any one that is not stirred and delighted by the sights and the sounds of nature? All of us are drawn to the beauty and brilliance of God's creation - the splendid colors in the rainbow, the glow in the fire, the radiance in the sun, the exquisite light of the moon, and infinite other sources of joy.  Hence, there is no human being who is not a devotee of God, says Valmiki Maharshi.

How do we know that He has become this world?  How do we know He is the ultimate artist of this superb creation?  Shree Krishna Himself explains to Arjun that everything has emanated from Him:

भूमिरापोऽनलो वायु: खं मनो बुद्धिरेव च |
अहङ्कार इतीयं मे भिन्ना प्रकृतिरष्टधा ||

bhoomirāpo'nalo vāyuḥ khaṁ mano buddhir eva cha
ahankāra itīyaṁ me bhinnā prakṛitir aṣhṭadhā   (Bhagavad Gita, 7-4)

"Earth, water, fire, air, space, mind, intellect, and ego-these are the eight components of my material energy."

Not only does everything originate from Him, He pervades the entire universe.  Hence, we derive immense joy from His magnificent nature.  If spending some time in the lap of nature were to give us this much of happiness, imagine the happiness we would derive from seeking its creator in His personal form.  The bliss of His personal form is ecstatic.  King Janak, an embodiment of wisdom and never identified himself as the body, was overwhelmed by love with one glance at the alluring form of Shree Rama.  Bewildered by his own emotions, he says:

सहज बिरागरूप मनु मोरा, थकित होत जिमि चंद चकोरा

sahaja birāgaroopa manu morā, thakita hota jimi chaṅda chakorā

"By nature, my mind is free from all worldly objects, but I am spellbound by the sight of shree Rama, like the partridge (chakora bird) is fascinated by the nectarous rays of the moon."

Such is the divine charisma of His personal form!  Sukhadev Paramhansa heard one verse from Bhagavatam that expounded the sublime beauty of the personal form of Shree Krishna, and went into rapture.  So, the moment we start developing a relationship with our Ishta Dev (personal form of God), we lay the first stone for His temple in our heart.  We feel His constant presence as we take our mind to His names, virtues, pastimes, divine abode, and saints.  That is when we start moving towards His Ocean of Bliss, inch by inch.  Just one drop of this ocean is sweeter than all the joy we derive from His creation.
Inspirations for Living

Patience: A Virtue to Learn from Mother Earth 

Our elders have taught us to begin the day with this prayer before we roll out of our bed and set our feet on the earth:

समुद्रवसने देवी, पर्वतस्तन मंडिते | 
विष्णु पत्नी नमस्तुभयं, पादस्पर्शम क्षमस्वमे ||

samudravasane devī, parvatastana maṅḍite

viṣhṇu patnī namastubhyaṁ, pādasparśham kṣhamasvame


"O Mother Earth, with oceans as your flowing garments and the mountains as your bosom, you are the consort of Shree Vishnu. I bow to you; pardon me for touching you with my feet."

Yet, we trample on her and plough the land for farming.  When we sow a seed, she bears it in her womb, keeping it warm until it is the right time to germinate.  Moreover, when the seed shoots up breaking through her womb, she supplies all the necessary nutrients to the plant.  Do we stop here? No.  We drill holes into her to plunder the wealth hidden in her womb.  She responds to our harsh behavior with patience and kindness, providing us everything - food, clothes, minerals, oil, medicine, and much more - that sustains our body.  Of many lessons, Mother Earth teaches us to be patient and to endure.

When we cultivate patience, it can bring amazing results.  A multinational company once called a few candidates for a job interview.  On the day of the interview, four candidates arrived at 9:00 AM, as per the instructions.  The front desk administrative assis
tant received them and asked them to wait in the lounge.  After an hour, she walked up to them, handing each candidate a piece of paper and pen, she said, "The hiring manager asked you to provide a few details about your previous work experience." 

While one interviewee wondered why he had to write it down again as everything was in his resume, another one began to write, shaking his head and muttering something under his breath.  One of them just stood up and said, "I bet they already have offered this position to someone," and left.  Forty minutes later, the administrative assistant came back to them and collecting the papers, said in an apologetic tone, "Gentlemen, we are sorry for the delay; the manager had to take an important phone call from one of our clients.  It may take a while before he can see you.  It's almost lunch time, why don't you go down to the cafeteria and have something and be back here by 12:30?"
One of the three left, saying that he has another appointment that afternoon.  The remaining two had their lunch and were back to the lounge on time, only to hear from the administrative assistant that the manager was still on the conference call with the client.  One of the two candidates swiftly walked out saying, "My whole morning was ruined; this is not acceptable.  I wouldn't work for a company like this anyway."

A few minutes later the hiring manager walked out, and extending a handshake to the one interviewee he said, "Congratulations!  You are hired.  Since it is a client-facing position, we were looking for someone who has a lot of patience."

So, when a situation doesn't go according to our plan or when a person is not agreeable, staying calm and waiting patiently is wise.  When the water is impure , we add alum and wait patiently for the dust to settle down.  Similarly, patience and forbearance yield clear results in life. 
Bal-Mukund: Playground for Vedic Wisdom 

Everything in His Creation is Useful

Once, a pupil living in a gurukul went to his guru and asked for a new pair of clothes, as the ones he had were torn.  The guru arranged for a new set of clothes for him.  The next day, when the guru saw the pupil in his new clothes, he asked him, "My dear child, what did you do with your old pair of clothes?"  The pupil said, "I washed those clothes and am using as a mat to sit while doing pranayam, guru ji."
"What did you do with the clothes that you were using before as a mat for pranayam?" asked the guru.
"I left those in the kitchen, so that the cook can use those clothes as pads while holding the big, hot pots and pans," said the pupil.
"What did you do with the clothes that were used as pads before?" questioned the guru again.
"I am using those to mop the floor in the meditation hall," said the resourceful pupil.
Surprised at his pupil's ingenuity, the guru continued, "What happened to the cloth that was used before to mop the floor?"
"Guru ji, that cloth was worn out, so I washed it thoroughly, cut it into
pieces, and I am using those pieces as wicks for the oil lamps," answered the creative pupil!

Repurposing or recycling objects is not a new concept; it has been there since ancient times.  And going green is not new either; ancient writers for example used everything green - writing instruments, assembling and preserving paper, ink, etc.  If we consciously make an effort, we certainly can re-use products at home.  Recycling not only preserves the natural resources for the coming generations, but the products made from recycled material are less expensive than products made from fresh materials.

Our First Holi Celebration

On Sunday, March 22nd, history was made as the city of Dallas witnessed the very first Holi celebration at the site of the Radha Krishna Temple.  Volunteers worked very hard to plan and make necessary arrangements for weeks leading up to the Holi Hanga
ma event.  With every activity they undertook, they asked themselves, "Would my Krishna be pleased? Will this bring a smile on my Radha Rani's face? Will this make my Guru proud?"  With hearts full of devotion for Hari and Guru, volunteers intensified their efforts during the final week.  The sun played hide and seek, for an entire week leading to the event, keeping volunteers on their toes in anticipation of rain!  But clearly, the blessings of Hari and Guru were with us, for the weather cleared up just in time and made way for a bright and beautiful day! 

The celebration started with an amazing and flawless performance by our precious Bal-Mukund students.  This was followed by soul-stirring Kirtans by our talented team of singers and musicians which had the audience completely soaked in the spirit of B
raj-style Holi.  Several devotees could be seen chanting and dancing on the joyous occasion, immersed in devotion towards Shree Radha Krishna!  This was followed by a special discourse by Swami Mukundananda ji on the history and importance of Holi which enthralled the guests, young and old!  Kids as young as five years old, could be seen intently listening and being inspired by Swamiji's discourse.

After relishing this wonderful food for the soul, guests were treated to some of the best, tantalizing Indian food in town.  All the hard work that went into planning the arrangement of food and beverages became very evident with its flawless execution!  Live dhol by Dholi TK and great music by DJ Manish kept guests moving, while being united in a fun color play.  Amidst screams of "Holi Hai!" guests colored one another irrespective of their ages or ethnic background!  Radha Krishna Temple was truly the nucleus of the community, bringing everyone so close together! 

To top off the celebrations, Swamiji led guests in a Parikrama around the temple site, singing and dancing in praise of Shree Radhe Govind, while showering flower petals and colors on baby Radha and Krishna.  Swamiji's rendition of a beautiful Kirtan describing the feelings of a Gopi on her way to play Holi with Lord Krishna was mesmerizing and transported devotees to the holy land of Vrindavan.

In all, it was an unforgettable day!  Colors may have been washed away, but memories of Holi Hangama remain fresh in the hearts of those who attended, leaving them waiting for the next event!  Radha Krishna Temple warmly invites everyone to be a part of our growing family of volunteers and devotees and experience the bliss of bhakti! 
Community Events Update

The Radha Krishna Temple of Dallas is more than just a temple under construction. It is a thread that binds the local community, providing inspiration and support to members through various activities for the benefit of the body, mind, and soul.

It also offers abundant opportunities to volunteer and participate in various events to uplift self and others.  Do you have special talents like writing, singing, engaging in discourse or any other?  Think of the Radha Krishna Temple of Dallas as the avenue for expressing your talents.  We do not need to wait for the construction to be completed to increase our involvement in various activities.  
From weekly satsangs and chanting groups to yoga classes and intellectual discourse, the Radha Krishna Temple of Dallas is already becoming known for its voluntary activities for the benefit the community. Please contact us at [email protected] to find out more about how to engage.

Weekly Satsangs

These satsangs truly propel one in the ocean of bhakti through a combination of prayer, singing bhajans/kirtans, viewing a video lecture, and followed by arati, and Prasad.    

For local satsang information visit: or [email protected].

Bhagavad Gita
Study Group

Thru: Teleconference
On: 2nd & 4th Wed
8:30 to 9:30 PM 

 Details & Registration 

Free Community
Yoga Classes

At: 1292 Bossy Boots Dr.
Allen, TX 75013
On: Sat, 9:30 to 4:45 AM

 Details & Registration 

Vishnu Sahashra
Naam Chanting

At: 4020 Sendero Trail
Plano, TX 75024
On: 1st Sat, 3 to 4 PM

 Details & Registration 


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Donate a Dollar a Day towards the building and upkeep of the Radha Krishna temple! By donating just $1 everyday,
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 How many of us have the opportunity and are fortunate enough to build a house for God?

Set up monthly contributions through credit card/debit card by calling: 860-605-3685 or by visiting temple website at Radha Krishna Temple of Dallas (click).


Wellness for Life

The Magic Elixir of Tulasi  

Mother Earth provides many plants and herbs that have medicinal properties. Our scriptures indicate how advanced our Vriksha Sastra (Botany or the plant science) was when we hear about the Sanjeevani herb that helped Lakshman regain his consciousness.

One of such medicinally valuable plant is Tulasi.  There is a reason why almost every home in India has a Tulasi plant in the courtyard.  Every time we go to any temple, the priest while giving us the Tulasi teertham (तीर्थम) says:

सर्व व्याधि निवारणम
sarva vyādhi nivāraṇam
"Let all illnesses be prevented"

This fragrant herbal plant certainly does aid in preventing and curing several ailments:
  • Chewing a few leaves brings relief to cough and sore throat.
  • Taking the decoction of leaves with honey and ginger relieves bronchitis, asthma, influenza, and cold.
  • In case of acute fever, a decoction of the leaves boiled with cardamom powder in water, mixed with sugar and milk, brings down the temperature. 
  • Tulasi supports digestive system and prevents bloating. It also helps people suffering from vomiting and lack of appetite.
  • Tulasi leaves contain anti-bacterial and anti-fungal compounds. Applying a paste made of Tulasi leaves along with sandalwood paste and rose water prevents skin inflammation.
  • Tulasi is also used in the treatment of ulcers, cuts, and wounds because of its beneficial antiseptic and healing properties.
  • Rubbing Tulasi leaves on areas that itch gives quick relief.
  • Adding a few leaves to hot water and inhaling the vapor clears up the sinuses.
Besides, Tulasi aids in purification of atmosphere.  It gives out oxygen for 20 hours and ozone for 4 hours, along with the formation of nascent oxygen, which absorbs harmful gases like carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and Sulphur dioxide from the environment.  It is also a good germicidal agent and a disinfectant that protects the human body from all types of viral infections.

Try to grow Tulasi plant on a window ledge or porch, which helps us and our surroundings too.  Chew a few raw leaves regularly to reap the benefits.