Dhanurmas Pooja

Dec 16th 2022 (Fri) - Jan 14th 2023 (Sat)

(Everyday at 6 am - 7:20 am CST)

During the Margsheersh month from Dec 16th to Jan 14th, we will be performing everyday pooja at 6 am - 7:20 am CST. Temple darshan open daily between 6 am to 7:20 am CST. 



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Sponsors for Dhanurmas Pooja
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Parents of Goda Devi
Parents of Krishna
Full month Margsheersh maas puja
 Siva Malladi
Gold Chain for Goda devi
Gold Chain for Krishna
Vastra Daan
Mahaprasad (weekend)


Flowers, Fruits, Sweets


Kalyanam (Jan 15th)


Kanya Daan


Wedding Garland for Goda devi
Wedding Garland for Krishna
Daily Dhanurmas Puja 
 Mara Schaeffer



Shri Goda Krishna Kalyanam

Divine Wedding of Shri Krishna and Sri Goda Devi

Jan 15th 2023 (Sunday)


Join the special Shri Godadevi & Shri Krishna Kalyanam celebration on Sunday, January 15th, 2023.

From the 30 melodious songs called Tiruppavai, sung by Goda Devi (Shri Andaal), we will sing one song each day in the glory of Sri Krishna. At the end of the 30 days on Bhogi day, we will conclude the puja by performing Shri Goda Krishna Kalyanam (Divine Wedding of Shri Krishna and Shri Goda) at 10:30 AM CST.