Toastmasters Gavel Club for Youth at Radha Krishna Temple

Youth at Radha Krishna Temple

The secret of getting ahead is getting started! This is indeed true when it comes to public speaking! Radha Krishna Temple of Dallas has started a new chapter of the Toastmasters called Gavel Club for the youth. The club has closed to fifty members, and in a short span of five months, a dramatic improvement in self-confidence is very evident in all the members, ages ranging from eleven to eighteen. The Gavel club meets on Sunday afternoons, and the youth run the meetings from start to finish with ease and confidence! Members take on different roles such as speakers, evaluators, timekeepers, grammarians, etc., very enthusiastically and support one another in their growth!

The meetings are kept very formal, while at the same time, members have learned to accept and respect one another’s differences. Members, who were very reluctant initially, have been growing in confidence and members, who came in with some prior public speaking experience, have been enhancing their leadership skills. They help each other out with very objective suggestions, to incorporate in future speeches.


“Toastmasters is helping me take up leadership opportunities in school with more confidence!” remarks Nitin Sudarsanam, one of the young and enthusiastic participants! With the help of constructive inputs from peers, members have improved not just their speech content and delivery, but their voice quality, grammar, and body language as well! Overall, it has been wonderful to see them transform their public speaking fears into action and see their personalities bloom! All members have been steadily developing flawless communication skills and leadership skills, which are a key to their future success! Watch this video to get a glimpse of our youth in action.

The volunteers of Radha Krishna Temple Toastmasters Gavel club have been doing an amazing work in achieving so much in such a short span of time!  For more details, or to join the club, visit our webpage –