Mahashivratri Mela: Inspiring and Joyous Moments

Mahashivratri Mela: Inspiring and Joyous Moments

Mahashivratri Mela: Inspiring and Joyous Moments

The grand 3-day Mahashivratri Mela at the Radha Krishna Temple of Dallas (Allen) covered the entire spectrum from devotional to pure fun activities! Whether it was Rudrabhishek, Om Namah Shivay and Mamamrutunjay chanting, Shiv-Parvati wedding, cultural program, blissful kirtans, fun games for kids, or savoring delights at the food stall & desi bazaar, the program was fabulous and a resounding success! 

While each event or activity has its own charm, there was something for everyone! The devotional kirtans and chants invoked the blessings of Lord Shiv and beseeched Him to shower His divine grace on material souls longing for bliss. Equally devotional were the Samuhik Shivling Pooja and Rudrabhishek in honor of Mahadev!

The hearts of the devotees were also captured by Swami Mukundananda’s video lecture on the leelas of Lord Shiv. For more inspiring leelas on the ever-compassionate Mahadev, read this blog on how the Lord is under the sway of His selfless and loving devotees. 

Here are some sweet memories to relive some of the most inspiring and joyous moments!


The Rudrabhishek in honor of Lord Shiv evoked everyone’s devotional sentiments whether they conducted or observed the beautiful rituals. Similarly, the kirtans and chants were equally blissful as devotees beseeched Mahadev to shower divine grace on all the souls! The Mahashivratri Mela at the Radha Krishna Temple was the only place to be for such a devotional event! With a jam-packed Prayer Hall, the Temple lobby, the balcony that is the abode of Gopishwar Mahadev, and the courtyard, it appeared as if the entire community was soaking in the bliss and warmth of devotional sentiments in spite of chilling temperatures outdoors on a cold winter day!

"Rudrabhishek at RKT"


Cultural Program

The top-notch cultural program represented the finest of our culture – beautiful Tandav dance in the glory of Lord Shiv! All artistic and cultural performances at the Radha Krishna Temple, provide an opportunity for youngsters and adults to showcase their unique talents in a variety of areas and share our cultural heritage. The cultural program was organized under the auspices of the Center for Indian Culture and Education, a pillar of pride and JKYog’s symbol of achievement in bringing the community together for a cultural bonanza. The cultural program ended with the lovely Aarti of Lord Shiv, Radha-Krishna, and Shree Maharajji. 

"Cultural Program at RKT"


Kids’ Fest

The children were totally enthralled by the superhit and free Kids’ Fest for 8 hours non-stop! They enjoyed the Bounce House, the Balloon Artist’s feats, face painting, games like the spinning wheel, photo booth, and lots of other fun games. It appeared as if the Pied Piper of Dallas had brought all the kids to the Mahashivratri Mela at the Radha Krishna Temple – the only place to be for unparalleled fun!

"Kids’ Fest at Mahashivratri Mela"


Vendor Delights

All the participants were completely absorbed in the amazing array of merchandise at the desi bazaar and food stalls! Every single one was a super hit! Even for the vendors, it appeared as if the Radha Krishna Temple hosted the best in the business at this Mahashivratri Mela – the only place to be!

"Vendor Delights"


Mahashivratri Mela: Shiv-Parvati Vivah – Lord Shiv’s Baarat

The pinnacle of the Mahashivratri Mela was the Shiv-Parvati Vivah which can only be described in images! Devotees danced as Lord Shiv’s Baarat arrived at the Prayer Hall for the wedding! Smiles on everyone’s faces and laughter in everyone’s hearts, the wedding was nothing short of a true divine wedding of the Lord! 

"Shiv-Parvati Vivah – Lord Shiv’s Baarat"


Mahashivratri Mela: Shiv-Parvati Vivah Rituals 

Then, the parents of the bride and groom participated in the Vivah Vidhi or wedding rituals with joy as guests rejoice in the bliss of serving as parents of the divine couple. Such a dream-like divine wedding is the hallmark of the Radha Krishna Temple and the Mahashivratri Mela was the only place to be for devotional and pure fun activities! The only thing missing was the physical presence of Shree Swami Mukundananda, whose divine presence fills the hearts of devotees and guests with unfathomable bliss.  

"Shiv-Parvati Vivah Rituals"


Mahashivratri Mela: Shiv-Parvati Vivah – Posing for Pictures!

Like any other wedding on earth, guests pose for pictures with the divine couple and their parents!

"Posing for Wedding Pictures"

If the lovely pictures did not fill your heart to the brim, please watch the beautiful glimpses of the most ceremonial wedding! Especially delightful is the reaction of Parvati’s parents upon seeing Lord Shiv and convincing Him to change His form for the wedding! Lord Shiv obliged and arrived in the form of Lord Chandrashekhar!

Dignitaries Visit Radha Krishna Temple for Mahashivratri Mela

The Radha Krishna Temple of Dallas (Allen) was honored to host many dignitaries who soaked in the bliss of cultural traditions of India in the US. Guests from Canada, Argentina, the UK, and Saudi Arabia graced the Temple community by participating in and absorbing the festivities. 

"Dignitaries Visit RKT"


The Radha Krishna Temple of Dallas (Allen) is especially grateful to its Platinum Partner Nanban and annual sponsors Priya Living and Discount Power for sponsoring the Mahashivratri Mela. Sincere thanks also to its community partners, DuPriest Pop and Radio Caravan for their support.